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About Me



I'm a 20-something year old mommy to Mackson and wife to Spencer. I'm a Licensed Master Esthetician with a nack for Brazillian waxes & eyelash extensions.
I'm a girly-girl with a love for anything pink and sparkly but I can't wait for bugs, dirt, & tonka trucks to be part of my daily routine raising a little boy.
I love my Polaroid camera, red lipstick, gumballs, crafting, post it notes, sunny days & cowboy boots.  I think surprises are the best thing ever & I dream of living in a world with baby animals, unicorns, rainbows and free ice cream.
My shoe collection is extreme, I spend too much money on makeup, and I LOVE taking the tags off of new clothes. I will always love Barbies & be a kid at heart for the rest of my life.
I started blogging to better document the things I love, the people I come in contact with, and the wonderful Gordon married life.
I enjoy writing truthfully about anything and everything.
You'll find everything from outfit posts to recipes!
I'm totally hooked to blogging & love meeting new blogger friends!

Thanks for checkin out Love & Such!



  1. I really liked the comment you posted on my last post, so I came to check your blog out and fell in love! Lets be blog friends. kthanks.

  2. I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! I can't wait to follow along :)


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