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Monday, February 13, 2012

Eventful Weekend

This weekend was awesome!
Went on a Bro/Sis dinner date with Jeff at Pei Wei. Delicious. Spencer bought us a Whale Watching Tour in Seattle! What an adventure!! We are so excited to plan a trip to spend time with his sister Natalie and her family in Washington!

Saturday I had my Bridal pictures taken by Amanda Rumsey Photography. The lovely Amanda is the best photographer around honestly. Her work is amazing and she's totally comfortable and fun to work with. I had seriously prayed all week for nice weather, since I had to ditch the original date to take my Bridals since I had the flu. The weather was GORGEOUS! It was nice outside and I was comfortable in a short-sleeved dress. I'm so excited to get my pictures back. Thanks Amanda & Jared for your help! Thank you Haley for being so good to me- and for all of your help with pictures! I just love ya!
Saturday Night I saw Grease for the 3rd time and it was BETTER than EVER! I'm so proud of Nat and Cole every. show. It keeps getting better and better where they are now comfortable enough to throw their own kick into it. I Loved it.

Sunday we visited Papa who isn't doing very well, but he's trying to get stronger everyday. I love going to visit and seeing the excited look on his face when he gets visitors. Pink Gma has put up Valentine's decorations, pictures of my puppies and has, of course, delivered her famous Valentines Day sugar cookies to all of the other residents. She put papa in his wheelchair and wheeled him around to deliver cookies with her. He loved it. I have the most adorable grandparents alive.

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen.. The breaking news for the month.
I TAUGHT JAX A NEW TRICK. Yes. My deaf dog has learned something new. He can now spin in circles for a treat. But ONLY for a treat.
..We're working on it..

Spencer comes home this week and I'm SO EXCITED! This will be our last week together UNTIL THE WEDDING! It's absolutely crazy to me to think about how fast it's coming up. I can't wait.
32 DAYS!

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  1. Yay it was so much fun and you are the most beautiful bride!!! You is absolutely stunning unicorn!! And oh my I'm so excited to see Jax's new trick!! :)


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