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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday: Words I Love

"Makeup is simply an extension of the personality. It takes skills to know how to enhance your own beauty, creativity to play with colors and confidence to express yourself. It's a real thing."

Monday afternoon I spent some SERIOUS time in Sephora. A funky girl's heaven. I walked in  and the bright, fun colors of eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish are almost overwhelming. My WANT switch flipped on real quick.
I've had so many people in the last few months mention how they want me to teach them how to do their make up. I am NO professional here, let's be honest. I do love to play around with new make up items and fun colors though. If there's a new make up product, I probably have it.

(This post is all about what I consider to be the "staples" in MY makeup bag. Everything from Face, to eyes, to lips.) <3



Product 1: Super Stay Foundation. 24 Hour wear. This foundation is the best. It's not oily, it lasts all day and it NEVER looks "cakey" -Find it HERE (I like to buy mine at Target.)
**TIP: I get my foundation sponge damp before applying foundation. It helps it stay smooth**
Product 2: NARS liquid illuminator. I buy this in shade LAGUNA for a liquid bronzer. This goes on evenly and doesn't look orange like a lot of bronzers do. I use this all over my face and neck right after I apply my foundation. There's minimum shimmer in this which reflects the perfect amount of light. It's pricey, but it will usually last me a few months with me using it on a daily basis. Find it HERE.



Product 1 Blush: I use this Josie Maran Argan Color Stick. This is almost like a fun giant crayon for your face. It's a sheer color that adds a "natural flush" to cheeks. Plus this product is all-natural and infused with all sorts of beneficial ingredients. I don't like the dry feeling of a powder blush (or foundation) so this is perfect and hydrating. This is also a bit pricey for blush (can also be used on lips..) BUT it has lasted me a few months so far and I haven't used even a quarter of the stick yet. Find it HERE
Product 2: This is Benefit's High Beam Luminescent liquid. It's in a bottle just like fingernail polish with a brush. I bought this on Monday and I love it. It's used like a highlighter. It's pretty thick, so LITTLE dabs on cheekbones go a LONNGGG way. This will seriously last forever. You can find it HERE


Product 1: This little purple tube works wonders. It's Urban Decay Shadow Primer. If you put a little bit of this on eyelids before any shadow, it will literally last all day.
That means No shadow creases! (yay!) Find it HERE
Product 2:  I think the key to eyeshadow is finding colors you like in a palette. The multi-colors in a palate really create a dimension one color does not. Matte, shimmer, bold, pastels... Switch it up and don't be afraid to try new things! I saw this shadow palette at Sephora and was SO excited. I love the natural/earth tones in this. They can be dressy, classy or funky with different colored eyeliners. My eye shadows seriously last forever, I have yet to replace ANY. Find this Moonshadow Baked Palette HERE.



Product 1: After putting on eyeshadow I use Maybelline eyeliner, I like mine to be black by upper lashes. I do NOT like the pencil eyeliners that have to be sharpened. I think they are harsh on your eyelids and I don't feel like they last as long.
**after I use eyeliner and before I put mascara on, I apply a single coat of clear gel mascara and let it sit for a minute before I curl my lashes. You will be HOOKED on buying clear mascara. (pictured below..) I also use it to keep my eyebrows in place. No one likes stray eyebrow hairs! Applying a clear coat of mascara gives black mascara a sticky base and helps it last longer, and look more fresh!**
Product 2: Mascara is my comfort blanket. I love Mascara. I am SUPER picky with my mascara. I hate trying new mascara products- if I try it once and don't like it, it gets trashed. Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara is AWESOME! It doesn't clump, it glides on, and it makes my lashes look nice and long. Who doesn't want that! I especially like the "black drama" version, (not pictured) I will buy this as long as they make it. Find it HERE
Product 3: I usually like to use a different color of eyeliner under my bottom lashes. These gel-like eyeliners from Sephora are amazing. They glide on and the color stays vibrant. Play around with different colors! Find the many funky colors HERE
Product 4: Last of all, I use liquid eyeliner on TOP of the pencil liner- but ONLY on top lashes. If you ask me, using liquid liner on the bottom is asking for disaster. Liquid liner alone looks too harsh on me, so I like to line on top of pencil liner. I think it's a nice happy medium. Find this waterproof liquid liner HERE If you are brave you can also get funky with the liquid eyeliner. .Adele status.



Product 1: This is TARTE brand eyebrow pencil. I haven't always been a fan of penciled-in eyebrows, but this has absolutely changed my mind. It's the PERFECT shade, has the brow brush at the end AND it's got the all-natural stamp of approval! Find it HERE
Product 2: Here is the clear mascara I talked about above. Maybelline has another version of clear mascara, but the want isn't as big, and it's straight rather than the curled version Covergirl has. Use this as a base to your black mascara or use it after penciling eyebrows for an all-day hold. Find this clear mascara HERE



Product 1: Eyelash Curler. I'm SO picky with these as well. I found this Revlon one, and will buy it as long as I live. Find it HERE. There are so many different versions of an eyelash curler. Sephora even has a heated one that I've tried. It was interesting..
*Tip: turn your hair dryer on and hold your eyelash curler at the end to heat it up. ONLY hold it there 2-3 seconds on low or you'll scorch your eyelids with the hot metal of the eyelash curler. NOT fun I PROMISE. This will curl your lashes to the EXTREME and they will hold ALL DAY!**
Product 2: Eyelash/Eyebrow brush. This tool is AWESOME for separating eyelashes and making them stand out. This will remove any mascara clumps you have with ease! Find this perfect little tool HERE

I didn't list a LIPS section here because I will use ALMOST everything on my lips. I DO love "Udder Stick" chapstick, when and if I find it I will buy a few of them. I love lipstick but I do not have a favorite brand or color, anything funky and bold! Anything that's not TOO sticky for a lipgloss is perfect. Lip stains are good if you want a matte looking all day color. I also like the cheap Sally Hansen clear pure glitter gloss to glam up a casual outfit.

At the end of the day...


Product 1: Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes. These are awesome for waterproof makeup, it comes off really easily. These are not good if you have oily skin.
Product 2: Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes. These have a fresh citrus scent and exfoliation beads on them for a gentle scrub. I recommend these, hands down. (There's also another version of Pond's face wipes without the scrubbies. Those have a fresh soapy scent- those are awesome too!)

I think the most important thing to remember when putting on or trying new makeup, is to have fun and don't be afraid to experiment with new products! If you don't like something, use makeup remover and start over!

What are some of your favorite beauty products?


  1. I love when people share their tips and advice with makeup because I am SO lost when it comes to things like this (just ask Haley!) It's nice that you listed both expensive make-up and drug store too...If I ever need to look nice for something maybe I'll have you and Haley give me a makeover:)

  2. This is awesome, and I've been waiting for it for a long time. Thanks!! So, do you want to do my make-up sometime next week?? ;)


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