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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Furniture updates!

I have found a new love!
Updating Furniture.
I find this totally rewarding and fun. I love new projects, especially while Spencer is at work it gives me something to do.

Many of you have seen my first project which was my desk. AKA the sign in table at my wedding! Here are some pictures from my first project..
I bought this old ugly black desk with awful gold knobs, a few which were missing. I thought this ugly desk had plenty of potential. I was right. I went and bought a new sander at Home Depot while getting strange looks from the workers probably all wondering what the little blonde girl was doing in Home Depot. Whatever.

While we've been moving into our apartment one of the last pieces of furniture we needed was a dresser. I've had a really hard time finding one we liked enough, that would also fit in our bedroom. Impossible. Then I had a brilliant idea to paint the one I was using in my room at home..
Forgive this picture- I found it on my phone and it was the only one I had of my dresser assembled. I started painting it BRIGHT yellow with the intentions of selling it. Then I didn't finish my project. Here it is partially finished. Notice the ugly handles..
This is the dresser I've had ALL my life.
I decided to fix it up and put it in our bedroom!

Again, sorry about the crappy pictures from my phone. All of these pictures were afterthoughts..
Nothing that a little sanding, a few coats of paint and some new hardware couldn't fix!
I love this color- its not as blue as it looks in the pictures. I like the description "dusty blue"
It matches our new headboard.

If anyone has a piece of furniture they'd like to fix up.. I'm your girl!


  1. So cute!! I love doing that also!! It's so fun!

  2. Awesome job! Everything looks so well done, congratulations for ignoring the little blond girl stares and doing what you want - it has served you well, now you can come teach/help me get the house ready :)

  3. i love before and after pictures :) you did amazing!

  4. You are surprisingly handy! I LOVE YOUR PROJECTS!! I think we should get together and you can show me how to be handy too.


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