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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 15 Things

Today I got thinking and counting many things I'm thankful for. I narrowed a few down. This is my list of the top 15 things that make me so happy right now.
1. My sweet husband.
He is beyond wonderful to me..

2. Floral print.
 Pants, blouses, shoes.. you name it.

3. Our darling apartment
I love that it's OURS.
4. My car that finally runs..
And doesn't take $85.00 to fill the gas tank like the car I was temporarily driving.

5. My crafts.
you guys just wait....

6. My wedding pictures.
I'm obsessed with every one of them.
7. The Gap- and the shorts they sell that are actually long enough.
Not to mention they come in PINK!
...And purple, and peach, and green..

8. Weather that's FINALLY warming up.
Tennis, walks to the park, convertible down, just being outside!

9. City Creek. I could spend all day there.
People watching, shopping, eating Red Iguana, buying 8 dollar chocolate covered strawberries.. you name it..

10. The fact that I live within walking distance to:
-hip and humble
-orange leaf
-costa vida.

11. When my mom texts me almost daily to say "I miss Spencer."
They spend SO much time together, and I love that my family loves him just as much as I do.

12. The Provo Farmer's market is getting closer each day.
woo hoo!!

13. The book of Mormon made easier book.
This has made my life so much easier.

14. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday when I'm in the office with Kelli.
Those days, I love my job.

15. The printable Michael's Craft Store 40% off Coupons.
Thank you Michael's.

Needless to say I'm a very happy, thankful girl.
And I love life.

"She loved life, and it loved her right back."
-from the book SHE.


  1. I also LOVE Monday, Wednesday and Fridays!

  2. I love your list. I love that you are so happy with Spencer. I love that he is good to you. I'm so glad you guys are doing so well, marriage can be such a hard transition. Yay for spring!!!!


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