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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekends are..

..NEVER long enough.
Especially on the weeks Spencer is here!
We managed to pack our weekend with everything we wanted to do!
Here's a re-cap..

Friday we dropped my ring off at JBrooks to get it nice and sparkly again and went on a much needed date to Melting Pot. We loved it, and the s'mores desert fondue is to die for. Just sayin..

Saturday we slept in and took Papa to breakfast at Village Inn- his favorite place of all time! We cleaned up the apartment and headed to Provo to see the fam.
We had a tea party with Sherry, Nate and the girls & then read lots of books together.
After playing with the kids we moved some of Spencer's stuff out of Sherry's basement- I'm sure she's stoked to have SOME of his stuff out of the way! We went to Provo mall and got the hook up with sales at the GAP. I'm soo so excited about the cute shorts Spencer bought me. Woo Hoo!

We headed back to Bountiful to meet Josh and Kiersten for dinner to start our double date. We couldn't decide what to do so we ended up driving to the movie theater, Winegars for treats, checking the redbox machines and finally ended up at fat cats for their photobooth. Unfortunately for me they no longer have the photobooth.
We had fun playing arcade games though!
Check me out being a total creeper with my tickets in the background..

Sunday we had dinner with the family after church and went on a walk with JnK & baby Luke. The weather was SO nice I was so excited to get my shorts out!
I finally got my car back late last night and I won't lie I'll miss my mom's car, but I will not miss paying for gas in that sucker.

I hope everyone had a fun eventful weekend!!

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