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Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Prayers

In Primary last week my lesson was on Prayer and how we can pray for anything. For part of my lesson I planned to ask the 6 kids in my class what are some of the things we pray for?
Keep in mind I teach the 4 year olds. So I was expecting answers like "when we are scared" "to bless the food" "to say thank you"
... you get the point...

I asked, "What are some of the things we pray for..?"
the SWEETEST little girl jumped up and shouted "FOR YOU TO HAVE A BABY!!!!"
Heaven help me. The other teachers in my class and I about DIED.
 she continued to say, "you play and play and play then get a baby in your tummy!"

The conversation stopped there as I seriously could hardly go on teaching the rest of the lesson..

For everyone's info, we are NOT praying for a baby right now haha but I appreciate the little prayers from my 4 year old Primary Class. I have the best calling in the world. 


  1. So cute! P.S. how does she know you have to "play and play and play" to get a baby...?

    1. I have no idea. I almost peed I got laughing so hard.

  2. I don't know if you still have my niece, Ciel, in your class but if you do then I can totally see her saying something like this! That age is the best!!

    1. Meg Ciel is still in my class. I love her! A few weeks ago a boy in our class was gone and she said, "I know where he is because I'm his girlfriend!" I loovee herr!

  3. Hah that is so funny! I taught sunbeams before we had Will. It was pretty good birth control sometimes :)

  4. That is adorable!! Kids say the CUTEST things!!


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