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Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday

I took a little break from blogging this weekend and it was kind of nice.
We had a happy little Thanksgiving at my house with immediate family- it was weird to not have the entire family over this year.
We all said something we were thankful for & spent some good quality time together
7:00 pm rolled around and we hit up Michael's craft store for some serious crafting supplies. (I'll NEVER pass up a trip to the craft store..)
My sister and I had planned to  head to Walmart at 8:00 pm to snatch up the EXCLUSIVE Walking Dead game for my brother. He decided he wanted to come, so it wasn't much of a secret. People are crazy. We couldn't find the game anywhere & workers were totally useless and no help at all. At 7:50 some crazy lady decided she wasn't waiting any longer and started ripping the wrapping off the sealed pallets.
I witnessed a lady get elbowed in the face over an xbox game, someone threw a cardboard box and gashed another lady in the face, someone threw a large drink on the ground and it spilled EVERYWHERE, another girl was climbing over the toy aisles to get around.
In the middle of the store I'm nearly having a breakdown because I can't find this game.
YOU GUYS it's the ONE THING that I KNEW Jeff would love.
I was about to give up & started walking to the front of the store.
I turn around to see little Fatalie holding the game high above her head- someone had stashed it in between two boxes and Natalie almost tripped over it.
[Finders keepers]
Black Friday was awesome- got some killer deals with my bro and we literally finished ALL of our Christmas shopping. We are pro status when it comes to shopping.
Even better.. everything is completely wrapped and ready to go.
(With the help of Winston, of course...)
I've been jamming to Christmas music all weekend, hung our stockings and put up my mini nativity scene which is beyond adorable. Baby Jesus is like the size of a pea.
Church was good, although I could hardly concentrate on anything because I was so stoked on my pony tail. Not kidding.
I'm so proud of how long its getting!!
I clearly wasn't the only one who couldn't concentrate.

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  1. :) Hooray for family time abnd blogging breaks. I'm so jealous of your black friday loot! This is the first time in YEARS that I haven't gone :( Boo to saving money on the house! lol


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