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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The TRUTH comes out!

Thanks to everyone who played along yesterday with the 2 truths & a LIE!
It was so fun to read everyone else's posts who linked up trying to guess what their lie was!
1. If I followed all rules and regulations for car seats/booster seats, I would have been in a booster seat at 16 with my driver's license
TRUTH! Here I am a week before my 16th birthday & I did NOT meet the weight requirements to technically not be in a booster seat!
2. When I was 12 I was riding my bike & got hit by a car- If you've ever noticed the scar on my forehead that's what it is from!
FALSE. I did NOT get in a bike/car accident when I was 12.
(surprisingly..) Yesterday one of the comments said she couldn't see a scar on my forehead. There isn't one!  :)
3. After High School I had my nose pierced. I liked it, my mom thought it was disgusting.
TRUTH! hahaha
Here I am all tanned up with Haley (& my nose stud)
Super small you can hardly tell.. It was short lived and I'm sure my mom is thankful for that.
SO, for those of you who guessed #2 as FALSE!
I'm excited to find out other people's lies today!
woot woot!
Thanks for playin!


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