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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Say WHAT??

Was Valentine's day. Duh.
I has sitting at my desk bright and early 6:45 am.
7:15 am rolls around and some RANDOM Hispanic dude BARGES into my office and sits at the desk next to mine.
"Uh.. Do you need something or can I help you with something...??"
He states he's "just there to talk"
haha okay mister I have NO IDEA who you are, I've NEVER seen you before and I'm WORKING. I picked up the phone and frantically tried to call 3 different co-workers to RUN back to my office to "look at a paper"
I was told "it will be a minute.."
NO PEOPLE. NOW. (but clearly I couldn't say that..)
I start to send a text "SOMEONE IS IN MY OFFI..."
and before I know I could finish my text he had snaked his way over in between my chair and my desk and suddenly his hand is on my back.
"When I walked by your office yesterday.. you were so cute.. "
I pushed this complete stranger away with a loud "EXCUSE ME!?"
.....there he went casually walking out of my office.....
At this point I am in complete shock.
I run to find someone & he's gone.
& I have a freaking RING on my finger!!
like... DUH.
Needless to say I had to talk to 2 different security guards, was given pepper spray to keep at my desk & was checked on a million times by co-workers throughout the day. The halls were monitored all day looking for the desperate little monster.
I mean yeaaaah, it was Valentine's Day & all.. but holy cow people my office is not a kissing booth! 
I was SO excited to go home to Spencer and admire the Cricut machine he bought me still in the box. I still have way too much anxiety to open it yet. I absolutely LOVE IT!
I loved our first Valentine's Day together as a married couple! Last year at this time Spencer was living in Vernal & it sucked.
Spencer was at school all night last night so we celebrated our Vday a night early and hit the town all dressed up and lookin fine to go to PF Chang Changs. 
There, a waiter walking by dropped a dish and it sent Chinese mustard flying all over the back of my pink pea coat from Nordstrom.
I'm just hoping next year's Valentine's Day is a little less traumatizing.


  1. Oh gosh! What kind of place to do you work at?! That was hilarious yet terrifying at the same time. Creepy people... What is a cricut machine?

    1. Becca- I work in a super nice building at the University of Utah! haha like whaaaaat?!

      And a cricut machine is for scrapbooking and crafty stuff. It makes cut outs and stuff. Ya know the vinyl lettering you see on people's walls and stuff? it can make those! i'm stoked!

  2. uhhhh what?? that is so freaky!! you should have junk punched him all up in his man business and when he was on the ground writhing in pain asking, "whyyy" you'd say, "You know why!"

    sorry about your coat. :( that sucks so bad.

  3. that is SO scary! i hope you're okay :( glad you stopped by my blog!



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