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Friday, June 7, 2013

Bye Bye Awful Basic Tees!

Alright ladies, I know tons of you readers who are buying basic tees to cover the goods.
I cannot tell you how much I despise and hate these shirts for multiple reasons, yet I still wear them to layer, and, well.. cover the goods.
I DO love that most basic tees come in just about every color you can think of. Which definitely comes in handy when layering. UNFORTUNATELY, I have been disappointed over and over and over again with how they are supposed to cover a certain layer, and they fail time and time again.

THIS is totally not okay with me.
Neither is the feeling of my armpits being completely cut off. Half the time I feel like they aren't long enough, & then there's THIS!?
Like sorry, no. I don't have elf shoulders.. & who even made the patterns for these shirts anyways?!
"you had one job.."
Alright Ladies, I HAVE YOUR ANSWER!
If you haven't tried the Famous Basic Cap Sleeve Tee's From SexyModest Boutique your life will be changed.
I will NEVER EVER buy another shade shirt AGAIN!

THESE basic tees are one size fits all, which I was pretty skeptical about at first. The fabric is 92% Nylon 8% Spandex- SUPER Stretchy and feels like a complete DREAM! My armpits were NOT cut off at all, the shirt was plenty long & stretchy, and I did NOT have pointy elf shoulders!!
Not to mention when I tried the shirt on Spencer said, "That's hot.."
Their Famous Basic Cap Sleeve Tees come in SO many colors. I'd be willing to say they probably have more colors than I've ever seen Shade carry!
There's a SexyModest Boutique button on the top right corner of my blog, that will link you right to their website!  You can find their tees under BASICS! The best part about buying online is FREE SHIPPING!
Feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments, you guys won't regret buying this shirt!


  1. spencer's right. you are hot.

  2. Thanks! I'm always looking for shirts like this.

  3. Do they really cover all of the garment top (like the armpit pic above, for example?) Also, how far over on the shoulder do they come? That's one of the biggest problem I've found with all layering tees! The edges always peek out! so annoying to play tug and pull with shirts!

    1. Ashlie, thank you for reading and leaving a comment! Your garments will not show at all on the sleeves, or anywhere for that matter. I have absolutely LOVED these basic tees! The sleeves are more of a tee shirt sleeve rather than a cut-off-circulation-in-your-armpit sleeve.they are super stretchy and comfortable you will love them!

  4. thanks for the reply! I'm gonna order some right now--hopefully it's the end of layering tee woes!


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