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Friday, August 2, 2013

Apartment Adventures

Living in an apartment complex always comes hand in hand with having adventures.
I think we've had more adventures in our apartment complex than most people.
To say the least, we've got some INTERESTING neighbors. The cops get called more often than normal & you hear yelling quite a bit.But that's a whole other blog post.

This week I was getting ready to leave for work. Gathering my purse, looking for my keys, trying to distract bunny with bribery carrots.. the usual.
I heard this HUGE BANG!!
It sounded like a gun but I have enough faith in my neighbors to not be THAT psycho..
Just to be safe though I turned off the lights and ran to the blinds to scope out the walk to my car before I left my apartment.
I look out to see GIANT flames coming out of the dumpster.
Ya know, the one that our cars are parked RIGHT next to.
I frantically barged into the bedroom and woke up Spencer by (dramatically) yelling, "YOU'VE GOTTA GET UP NOW TO MOVE YOUR CAR- THE DUMPSTER IS ON FIRE!"
Obviously startled and half dressed, Spencer was trying to process what I just said and get dressed at the same time. Then he asked if I called 911.
No?? So I got to dial 911 for the first time in all of my 23 years of life.
My adrenaline was pumping and I was so excited.
....yes, over a dumpster fire...  
Spencer got in his car to move it away from the fire.... and moved it ONE STALL over..
haha not exactly what I had in mind, but whatever.
Then we opened the fenced gates so the fire didn't melt them.
At this point, I should have left for work 30 minutes ago.
But obviously I wanted to watch the fire department come and fuss over my discovered dumpster fire.
Eventually we couldn't see flames anymore but the front of the metal dumpster started to bubble and smoke. Then we heard the sirens.

Pretty adventurous right?


  1. Haha this made me reminisce on our own apartment stories!

    Found you through the blog hop.

    Rachel from Brachel Boulevard (co-host)

  2. so....i was actually remembering all of the memories i had of living in my old apartment before i became a homeowner. and i miss some things about it...this made me miss my apartment even more. and the fact that it would take me a little over an hour to clean my whole it's a half day adventure!

  3. Hahaha! Oh my gosh... I hate apartment living! I could never go back, but I had some fun experiences like this one too. Ah, the memories!


    Ana Paula

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  5. Whoa there, dumpster fire!! That would be scary! One night, my husband and I were driving home when we saw this HUGE fire (with smoke to spare) coming from an apartment by our house... same deal! So scary!

  6. Wow that is some craziness! I have been having some apartment adventures, but not the exciting kind. More like the king where the office doesn't know how to do anything or how to fix our problems. Example...we had an oven replaced and they brought us a DIRTY oven and a MOUSE!


  7. Haha, that's pretty freakin' crazy!! so did it smell like, totally horrible? Because I can't imagine that a dumpster full of trash would smell very good if it caught on fire.


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