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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School.... Back to School....

I seriously can't believe
Summer is finally over & everyone is headed back to school!

My facebook & instagram feeds have been flooded with proud parents sending their darling little children off to school with their new backpacks & first day of school outfits.

..and then I think.. boy, kids must be getting cuter and cuter these days because I was NEVER NEVER that cute as a kid. Like.. EVER. I've always felt pretty comfortable in my body but now looking back at these "cute" back to school pictures of my own that my mother wallowed over... I am in shock at how awkward I really was.

Let's take a look at a few school pics.
I couldn't find most of them. Probably because I threw them away as a kid.

Exhibit A:
First day of Kindergarten. There I am on the far left. Look close folks..
Yep. That's a bolo tie I'm wearing.
I love our socks.And how none of us quite seem to know what we should be doing with our hands. Awkward. I can honestly say I'm still friends with all of these girls, and I think we've turned out alright!

Exhibit B:
Quite frankly I look like a praying mantis here, but it's cool.
And that black fuzzy top? SO IN.
Especially when I have a thin poof for bangs.

Exhibit C:
Again, with those awesome bangs!
Baggy long sleeved shirt with a bow.. and tan overalls.
That flag is the background is absolutely the cherry on top. Amaze.

Exhibit D:
Oh The "hair clippy"
Hair tucked behind one ear.. & that silk rose button up with a tee shirt underneath was definitely my outfit of choice, how could it not be?!

Exhibit E:
First Day of 6th grade with permed hair and outfit complete with my layered tank, choker necklace & stretchy key chain hooked to the belt loop.

Don't forget my Britney Spears Fuzzy hair clippy!
CLEARLY I was going for this look:

Exhibit F:

Oh you guys, I saved the best for last..
tie dye scarf & silk shirt.. baggy jeans.. Those AWESOME tennis shoes with a heel.. pigtails..
And don't forget how I'm sitting on a cement goose..

Anyways, I think you get the point that I was practically the most awkward child in the history of awkward children.

Hope your weeks at school are lovely, and may your First Day of School photos turn out better than mine EVER did!



  1. I am sorry but THIS right here? is amazing! Those pigtails in the last 2 pics...and the duck!

    Stealing this idea...just an FYI :)

  2. Thisr pigtails are ahmazing! I love this post!

  3. These just made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing. In your defense, we all wore those same silk shirts/baggy pants/platform sneakers/Brintey-esque fuzzy hair clips, so don't feel "not cute." Consider yourself quite cool and trendy for the time!

  4. Haha you were cute!!! The last set of pictures are hilarious though...the goose haha, I'm dying!

  5. Seriously, you really were probably one of the coolest girls in school. you were SO IN STYLE. haha. it's our fault for growing up in the 90's because I swear to you I have equally awkward pictures. haha. LOVE THESE. and i especially love the top one, how comfy does my dress look?! haha. oh the memories :)

  6. I have to agree with Elle,, this post was simply amazing! And the goose was just the cherry on top of it all!


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