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Thursday, October 24, 2013

California Day 1 & 2

It was a bitter/sweet thing coming home from my sister trip to California. I've always loved California but I've always gone with family/friends and we've always stayed in nice places. Now that I'm married and think I'm poor, I figured my sister and I could stay somewhere just outside of Anaheim on the cheaper side of things. Horrible/Awesome decision.
We got to the tiny Long Beach airport which I thought was dainty and cute. We took a cab ride to our hotel in Buena Park and almost crapped my pants when we pulled up to our hotel lobby ($60.00 later) First of all, Travelocity said this place was a HOTEL. Nope. Motel. Which is still fine, but that wasn't the only thing that was completely not true. The first thought in my mind was 'I'm totally using the safe in the room' then BAM. There's a fee every time I use the safe. Ugh. We walked to our motel room at the very back of the motel passing lots of vacant rooms with the doors propped open. The pictures online really hyped this place up so when we walked into our room we both laughed out loud. Broken lamp, uneven pictures on the wall & a squeaky King bed.
We decided we were starving and walked outside to see what restaurants were close and realized we were surrounded by abandoned buildings and it was quite the walk to anything but McDonald's and some weird looking local burger place. As we were walking in the pitch black to the corner, cars were honking & people were yelling out the windows of their cars  & I thought I might crap my pants again. We safely got down the block and the minute we walked in the restaurant I took all of my credit cards and cash out of my wallet and stuffed them in my bra so I would have empty purse in case we got mugged. I felt like everyone in the restaurant was staring & quickly realized we were minority which was fine. We walked back to the hotel/motel and decided to call it a night.

DAY 2:
Despite the super weird noises we heard all night I still felt like we got a good night's rest. Our hotel/motel had free continental breakfast which about saved our lives every morning. Waffles, pancakes and orange juice galore. Today was Disneyland! We scheduled our shuttle the night before and we were pretty bummed it didn't leave until 9:30am. We patiently waited outside only to see they completely over-booked the shuttle by about 6 people who all crammed in this tiny van and left Nat & I standing awkwardly beside the full ride. We finally got a ride from the manager to Disneyland and we decided to hit up both parks. When we saw civilization around Disneyland we were SO EXCITED!



We finished our night with the AMAZING World of Color show at California Adventure. Seriously I was blown away.. and I think it puts the Bellagio fountain show to SHAME.

Our feet were tired, we were exhausted & we were so happy.
There will always be something magical about being in Disneyland!


  1. This trip looks like so much fun despite the sketchy hotel! I'm glad you were able to go on such a great trip with your sister!!

  2. Is your sister's hair colour natural ?? I love it!! I am hoping to dye my hair red and am looking for as much help as I can get!

    1. Hey Rachel!
      Her hair color is natural. She just colored it a few weeks ago to put the darker ombre color on the top. The rest is her natural red color though!

  3. Ahhh love this! & quite jealous of your and your sisters relationship! Wish my sister and I were that close!


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