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Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 10 Most Awful Feelings

First of all, Happy Friday!

The other day I was walking to my car from work and a huge bug buzzed right into my ear. Thankfully my hair was down and covering it or the bug would have flown right into my ear, made a home, and laid babies I'm sure. Anyways, I had the willies for a good 15 minutes after that as I thought, "GAUL. That's the WORST FEELING EVER!"
Then as I was driving home I thought of my Top 10 Most Awful Feelings.
Here we go.
10. The buzz of a bug by your ear.
pretty self explanatory I think. Ew.

9. Touching something that's wet and shouldn't be.
There was a towel on the floor at work & when I picked it up the bottom half was wet. GAG. Went to touch the "going down" button on the elevator and it was wet. WHAT IS THAT?!

8. Wet Jeans
Both are terrible. Nothing like the heavy feeling of wet jeans rubbing on your legs uncomfortably every step you take. Nothin will take you back to the time you peed your pants in 1st grade like we jeans. Ew.

7. Walking Through a Spider Web
You just can't seem to get it off of you either. Where is it? IS THE SPIDER ON ME?!

6. Hair in food
More specifically when you have to pull it out of your mouth and you realize.. it's NOT yours! EW.

5. Nails on a chalkboard
Like... I will literally cringe and probably gag. Ew.
Reaction GIF: gag, Toddlers & Tiaras

4. Brain Freeze
So happy eating ice cream then *BAM!* Ew. At least it means you have a brain to freeze..??

3. Losing a Sneeze
Isn't that the Worst?! You're about to sneeze and suddenly it's GONE! And you're left with the awful watery-eye, nose-tingling feeling. Just sneeze dang it! Ew.
get him to the greek jonah hill sneeze GIF

2. Being Nauseous
You know, the if-I-move-I'll-puke feeling. When your stomach churns and suddenly your mouth starts to water really bad.. and then  you feel like you are dying. Ew.

1. Actually Throwing Up
This is my #1 most absolutely terrifying, disgusting feeling in the whole world. Ew. NOTHING is worse than throwing up. I don't know if y'all know or not, but I'm slightly a control freak. (in a good way.. I think..?) And the thought of my body doing something that I can't control almost makes me lose it. No pun intended..
Cady Heron Vomit

What are some of the things YOU think are awful?


  1. Thinking your going to miss the bottom step. Nothing makes my heart drop faster!

    1. HAHA oh my word that's such a good one.. That's a terrifying feeling!

  2. I get these awful tension headaches where it feels like someone is pushing down on my head. Those are the worst. That and the feeling of the sleepy stuff in your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

    1. I HATE headaches. and sleepy eye goop. Especially when it has mascara in it from when you washed off your makeup the night before and it's BLACK. EW!

  3. i love that you found the perfect gif for each one. SO epic.

    Harley & Jane

    1. hahah Thank you Harley! I spent way too much time on this blog post..

  4. You're the funniest. This made my shitty monday so much better. SO THANKS.

    1. I hope your shitty monday ended up being better. I luff you girl!


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