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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brilliant Earth

I have to tell you all how excited I was when I was contacted to work on a post for Brilliant Earth. I had seen Brilliant Earth's jewelry featured on The Knot website quite a bit but I still didn't know much about their jewelry or their company. I did my research and I'm so impressed.
One of their core values on their website says, "Brilliant Earth believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost." We all want these precious gems and lovely jewelry.. but at what cost? This is a company that completely believes in ethical values
So TODAY, Brilliant Earth is launching their Autumn Inspired Wisteria Collection! They have really reflected the beauty that surrounds us in Nature by the amazing designs of their new pieces.

If you guys didn't see the diamond ring that has twig-inspired bands, you need to look at this picture again.. it's amazing!

What better reason to buy something than the fact that they donate 5% of their profits? This donation goes towards
Be sure to check out their full website
& their awesome mission statements


  1. uh what?! I browse their website all of the time and am in love with just about everything. When I get married that's where I want my ring from!!!!

  2. they have the most gorgeous things!

  3. Very pretty rings! I already have my ring, but could totally go for some earrings or a necklace ;)

    new follower!


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