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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Casual Dressy

Am I the only one that dreams of having their Pinterest wardrobe?
That's a real thing.
I think I have this giant closet full of amazing items and then I wake up in the morning, see my current wardrobe and think I absolutely have nothing to wear because, really- it's just not the same as my Pinterest closet.
I was playing on Polyvore today and got the same closet envy there too.
I just know these slouchy black pants have been in my dreams. The same with these black Dolce Vita shoes.
I came up with my ideal outfit for a comfortable yet dressy day. Dressed down with the slouchy pants and the sweater- and oh-so-dressed up with those lovely black pumps and great jewelry. -did you see those earrings??
Ugh. Closet Envy!

Casual Dressy


  1. want want want! i want my pinterest wardrobe too and my house board.

  2. There should be some rule of the universe that you earn polyvore/pinterest credit and it turns into real clothes in your closet...

  3. that is a GREAT outfit! i dream of pinterest bodies too. where everyone is thinner with less boob spillage ;)

  4. I wish I had just ONE of the complete outfits I've pinned on Pinterest. It's a dangerous hope though because I tend to think I can re-create them from e-bay finds - and it rarely works out :(
    { Raspy Wit }


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