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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review

-Colored my hair dark brown
-Went to the Ke$ha Concert
-Changed my hair again
-Tried Hot Yoga for the first time
-Tried Cookie Butter for the first time
-Celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary
-Celebrated my mom's 60th Birthday
-Gave Winston his first Easter Basket
-Bought my ipad Mini
-Changed my hair again
-Started my Master Esthetics Program
-Had my eyes checked
-Changed my hair again
-Tried JDawgs for the first time
-Taught Relief Society
-Passed my Anatomy test with flying colors
-Tried Pho for the first time
-Celebrated Memorial Day
-Visited my favorite grave
-Spent time with family in my parents new landscaped yard
-Roasted lots of Marshmellows
-Walked in the Gay Pride Parade
-Had my eyes checked again
-Saw sister for the first time since December visiting from Hawaii
-Spent the day with my dad for Father's Day
-Went to Lagoon with the Family
-Went to the Tim McGraw Concert
-Studied poolside
-Went to the She & Him concert with my brother
-Went to dinner and fireworks at Oakridge
-Took papa to breakfast
-Read  "Heaven is Here"
-Changed my hair again
-Celebrated my 24th Birthday with a killer cake and a pink handgun
-Went to the Brad Paisley Concert
-Went to the Iration Concert
-Went to Harmons for the first time
-Went to Young Living Farms
-Bought my favorite MAC Lipstick
-Went to the State Fair
-Went to Comic Con
-Paid for a Special Vacation
-Went to the Waldorf Spa in Park City
-Got the new iphone 5c
-Changed my hair again + cut off 5 inches
-Welcomed Baby Tytan to the family
-Bought a new laptop
-Had a Walking Dead Party with the family
-Loved Winston back to health
-Visited Papa in the hospital
-Flew to California with my sister
-Went to Disneyland
-Went to the beach
-Went to Medieval Times Dinner and ate with our hands
-Felt Genuinely happy
-Became a makeup Artist
-Went to the best Halloween Party of my life
-Visited Papa in the rest home
-Dressed up as Trailer Trash for Halloween
-Cried during Tytan's Baby Blessing
-Took a pregnancy test
-Cried tears of Humility
-Told Spencer I'm pregnant
-Cried over a picture of Christ and a Baby. Now hanging in my house
-Changed my hair again
-Made lots of Hot Chocolate
-Probably cried again somewhere
-Woke up Bleeding/Went to Midwife/had an ultrasound/saw baby's heartbeat
-Found $100.00 in my Washer
-Babysat Luke
-Sent out Christmas Cards
-Made Christmas Sugar Cookies
-Christmas Brunch with my family
-Jammies on Christmas Eve
-Told Family we're Pregnant!
-Told Spencer's Family we're Pregnant!
-Saw lights at Temple Square
-Watched family Ice Skate
-Felt the Holiday Spirit
-Celebrated an amazing 2013
2013 was full of fun experiences, trying new things, seeing new places, loving my hardest & Being thankful and Happy.
2014, Bring on another great year!


  1. What a productive year!!! So many firsts.

    xx Lauryn

  2. So so excited you're going to be a mommy! Your year seems like it has been so magical and perfect!

  3. I love that you wrote down all on one post some of the greatness that happened in 2013! Love the focus on the happiness and not the negative! xo!


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