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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Can't I just pause time?

*Warning: Rant Session*
If someone could just pause time for a minute, or make it pass by much slower, I'd really appreciate it. Because I'm tired, and I'm tired of rushing.
I wake up at 5:00 am for work.
.I'm rushed to get ready.
.I'm rushed to get to work.
.I'm rushed to clock in.
.I'm rushed for lunch.
(Because obviously I'm hungry all the time.)
We just had two people quit so I'm doing my work plus the work of two others which means I'm rushed to get my stuff done everyday at work.
(But don't worry, today I am blogging.)
.I'm rushed to get home.
(that 25 minute nap between work and school saves my life.)
.I'm rushed to get to school.
.I'm rushed to clock in.
.I'm rushed to eat.
(Because I'm starving again and 30 minutes just isn't long enough.)
.When school is over, I'm rushed to get home.
.Trust me, I can't get into bed fast enough.
....and my alarm goes off to do it all over again...
I wake up to realize
.I haven't had a conversation with Spencer in days.
.I need to vacuum.
.I need to clean the bathrooms.
.I have no clean underwear.
.I'm behind on laundry.
.I have to teach primary on Sunday.
.I have a test on Tuesday.
.I have a project due on Thursday.
.I haven't gone grocery shopping.
.Winston doesn't have any food.
.I need to clean Winston's cage.
.I forgot to take my vitamins.
.I forgot to take my antibiotic and I can't pee again.
.I just remembered my gas light is on in my car.
.I haven't written in my journal.
.I haven't washed my hair in 5 days.
.there's no more toilet paper in the bathroom and I just peed. finally.
.I am completely exhausted.
.I can't cry because my eye infection is back and it hurts.
I feel so overwhelmed I could cry.
And then I realize, sometimes it's okay to not be Superwoman.
I also realize it's hard work making a baby.
So if someone could just pause time for a minute, or make it pass by much slower, I'd really appreciate it. In the mean time, I'll be here- dreaming of what it's like to get enough sleep.


  1. Oh man, I am exhausted just from reading this. I'm so sorry your life has become so chaotic and overwhelming, I I don't know how your managing it but I know you can do it! Praying for a little bit of peace and time to slow down in your life!

  2. Oh lady!! You need a day off to relax. Try just to breathe and not let yourself get to stressed - tackle that list one thing at a time. Once you cross off a couple things you will start to feel better. I am in that same boat with work and school (can't imagine being pregnant on top of it all - you're amazing!!) hope you have time to relax this weekend!! xx

  3. Mikell, you are amazing! I don't know how you do it all!

  4. Oh how I love you. This is exactly how I feel lately. I giggled about the clean underwear because that is FOR REAL A THING. Love you. Can't wait for you to have life slow down a little bit. Glad we are all in this crazy ride together :)

  5. Dude, I just tried to turn down a primary calling because I was too busy. Looks like we are watching funny youtube videos for class for the rest of the year kids! Seriously, Choose the right, and here is a funny cat video. Just quit your job, drop out of school, become a hoarder and don't wipe. And let me know if I can lessen your burden.

  6. I feel ya girl. I'm not pregnant or anything, but I feel like my life is just one big stressful situation after another. I can get really draining. Sometimes you just have to take a netflicks night and watch what not to wear instead of doing homework (at least that's what I did last night! ha!). Hang in there! We can make it!


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