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Tuesday, February 18, 2014



{I got this cute format from Jenn over at Life Begins with J
when I saw her cute pregnancy update I loved it!

Week 16                                                       Week 16+7 Days
Week 17

Baby Gordon Update

How far along? 17 weeks as of yesterday!

Gender: Baby Boy. He was really proud of his pee pee at our Ultrasound!

Baby’s size: Baby boy is about the size of a Navel Orange or Onion!

Total weight gain: Since the day I got pregnant, about 7 lbs. Whoa, Nelly!

Maternity clothes? I wish. I keep going to the store to find some cute shirts and things but they're too big still. I DID buy a pair of maternity jeans last week, and my life has been forever changed. Like... why aren't people wearing these on a daily basis- pregnant or not?! No one likes to deal with zippers and buttons.

Miss Anything? Not really. Every once in a while a Subway Sandwich sounds good. But then I think of all my sandwich toppings sitting out in the open and I think, "never mind"

Movement: Not yet, my midwife says since it's my first pregnancy I probably won't feel anything until around week 20- we've still got a couple more weeks!
{I'm also afraid that it will make me queasy.}

Food cravings: Nada my friends. More like food in general is always sounding delicious.

Anything making you queasy or sick: NO.. and I'm so so thankful...

What smell is bugging you the most: Nothing!

Symptoms: I'm a back sleeper, then a total wiggle worm. So trying to sleep just on my side has been an adjustment.. but an easy one at that. My left hip is slightly sore in the morning but I also have bad joints from dance/cheer- soo.. I don't think that's anything resulting from pregnancy.

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but I don't know for how much longer.. I'm going to have to whip out the duct tape and tape that sucker down. No one likes a belly button nipple through their shirt. NO ONE.

Looking forward to: Being able to feel baby move. But also slightly nervous. Also looking forward to having a bigger belly. In all sincerity.

Cool Fact: One of my best girl friends from High School just found out she's also having a boy. She's due three days after I am, so I'm extremely happy little buddy will have a friend.

Another cool fact: baby can hear, and baby is also pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day!

Baby Names: Well, most of the names I love Spencer hates. And he's only come up with one name so far and it's hideous. So.. we're still working on it.

Stretch Marks: None *yet* {knock on wood}
My mother didn't get any & it's mostly hereditary. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I've also been lathering up in Coconut Oil & Shea Butter just in case. Mmmm..

Dreaming of: Baby's Nursery. I can't wait to pick things out and make it cute.
ALSO dreaming of the maternity skinny jeans I saw at Pea In The Pod last night. I practically puked all over them when I saw the tag said $220.00

I'm feelin' great and I'm so thankful.
Can't wait to get bigger so people will stop staring at my belly wondering if I'm pregnant or if I just really enjoyed my Holidays. Well, both. I am pregnant, and I really enjoyed my Holidays. I had someone ask me last week, "are you pregnant....? I've been wondering since Christmas but I couldn't tell, and I think people are afraid to ask." Well thanks for that, since I wasn't showing at Christmas.

.....But that's another blog post in itself....

Aren't we so happy today isn't Monday??


  1. Quite possibly the cutest pregnant lady EVER. Gah! I hope I'm this cute when I get pregnant.

    xo Denise

    1. ooh I read this comment and it totally made my day.
      You're the sweetest.. thank you so much! Hopefully i'll still look okay at 9 months. haha if not, that's okay too, and I'm sure it will make some great blog posts, right?! XOXO

  2. that's ridiculous if people don't know you're pregnant yet, you clearly are and you are clearly sporting it SO WELL. I love your little bump. It's perfect. I can't wait for mine to be an actual bump and not just a lump pretending to be a bump haha. and names are one of the hardest things to pick out. I got really lucky with kyle and I gave him two names i've loved for a while and he liked both. kind of crazy, but i got lucky. you'll find the perfect ones soon enough. no need to rush it.

    also, have you looked at pink blush maternity. their clothes are so freakin' cute and they fit now and will expand with your body so you can wear them when you're not preggers anymore too. I got the shirt I am wearing in my pictures from today there and two maxi's for the spring. i'd recommend checking them out :)

    1. YES! I looked at them right when i found out i was pregnant and LOVED Their dresses!! I'm going to have to seriously look at them again. P.S. When you DO get bigger, you'll have to check out Old Navy's Maternity Pants.. for REAL. Sooo comfortable and they're really cute on! XO

  3. hahahaha belly button nipple, that's hilarious

    1. muhaha that's exactly what I think of!!

  4. HA! My belly button never popped... so maybe you'll be lucky? Except my belly button is also a very deep, dark abyss, so... there ya go.
    You look great!!

    1. haha I'm hoping I'll be lucky.. Usually I can't see the inside of my belly button.. now i'm like. hey.. that's what it looks like! HAHA

  5. Haha you're so hillarious! I love your baby updates!

    1. Jord, I absolutely love you!! And your Snapchat selfies... so keep em comin!

  6. YOU LOOK SUPER CUTE. You look super classy in your black dress

    1. Heidi you're the sweetest!! And thanks again for sending me that blog link! I'm loving it so far!

  7. YAY FOR UPDATES on my cutest preggo friend! You're a doll :)


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