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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!
 (It was on the 16th.. So I'm a few days late but we spent the weekend together in
San Francisco!)
Two years later...
In the last two years we have...
Traveled to Puerto Rico
moved into an apartment
looked for homes twice, only once really seriously
shared birthdays and lots of holidays together
Road tripped to Seattle
Added to our Family when we bought bunny Winston
Fought about who's clothes were on the floor
made up afterwards
Finished at least 8 TV series together
Both started school & supported one another
Both been sick & taken care of one another
Attended concerts (mostly country)
Laughed so hard we cried
Cried so hard we laughed
shared lots of fast food & snow cones
Decided to add to our family with baby Gordon coming in July!
Added another member of the family- our turquoise fish
Traveled to San Francisco
Put an offer in on a home
Shared so much love..
I'm so happy & oh-so-lucky to have this guy by my side, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Glad you go to get away for a few days & enjoy time together!

  2. You are so pretty and that is such a cute entry where you listed what your two years consisted of!

  3. Congratulations now you just need to road trip to Seattle again except visit me this time...

  4. happy anniversary to you love birds!

  5. adorable pictures! we have watched a lot of TV shows too! addicting!
    happy anni you cuties!

  6. Happy anniversary!! Hope it was great.


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