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Monday, April 28, 2014

Comic Con FanX

Last weekend was Comic Con Fan X in SLC. Comic Con started in SLC last year and has quickly become one of the BIGGEST Comic Con's in the US. To help spread out the love, they've decided to do two a year, one in the Spring & again in the fall.
Last fall they announced my boyfriend favorite character from The Walking Dead was going to be here: Daryl Dixon AKA Norman Reedus. Also from Boondock Saints if you've seen it. So obviously, I spent a pretty penny for a 3 day VIP All access pass. To see Daryl.
About a month ago, Daryl cancelled because he's filming a movie and I wanted to cry. But three other characters from TWD were going to be here- Andrea, Carl & Shane. All three of them I've hated at one time or another throughout TWD series. But regardless, I was still excited to see them walkin around the convention center.
Since Noman Reedus cancelled coming to Comic Con, we were planning on going to
 We met "Spike" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
 -Brotherly + Sisterly Love
-Me in some random witch cage.

 -Everyone was getting a kick out of my maternity shirt. "Shane" Autographed a picture for me that says "Mikell- Congrats mama!" If you watch TWD then you'll get my shirt. If not, you probably just think the shirt is really weird.
-Me & Jeff with Leanna Vamp- best cosplay chick of all time dressed up as Maleficent!
(Don't mid that I look like a hippo in that pic)

Us with SHANE! he got a kick out of my shirt and was so excited for me that I'm expecting. He gave me a high five when I told him it's a boy, and he says boys are the BEST! He's got 2 at home!
Everyone was so friendly & we had a fun time.
Can't wait to go again in the fall!


  1. Comic con is coming here this weekend and my boyfriend it going, I have been making fun of him haha. My sister is also going because some Vine famous boys are doing meet and greets so of course she can't miss that haha

  2. How fun!! I love TWD, and you're shirt is hilarious! Bummer you didn't get to meet Norman Reedus though, I bet whenever he is doing an event it would be packed! Maybe next time? ;) And I totally forgot about Spike! My sister and I used to watch Buffy religiously when we were younger!
    xx Em

  3. Haha I HATED that Darryl calls the baby that in TWD but the shirt is hilarious regardless. Sucks that he didn't show!

  4. Oh my gosh you're so cute! I want to go to comi con now, mainly because I love playing dress up.


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