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Thursday, June 12, 2014

a Jumbled Mess

This post is really going to be a jumbled mess. I was MIA last week which I hate, but life happens and I'm totally okay with that. Here's an update for all of the family/friends that have been asking what's been going on with us.
Spencer got the internship we've been praying for and last week he was out of town for the internship/work. He went from North Dakota & had the longest flights and connections possible to make it to Northern Canada. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he does- the engineer in him is too complicated for me to figure out. But he loves it and that's all that matters.
While he was gone I had a flat tire, a doctor's appointment, lots of cleaning, an awesome discovery *sarcasm* at the townhome we're hoping to get (a whole different story..) my weekly birthing class and lots of time with friends. It's funny- I realized when he was gone how much I've actually come to depend on him for help with things. Like my flat tire, I needed cases of bottled water from the grocery store and couldn't lift them, I needed help taking out the 4 garbage bags after I cleaned out our pantry and hall closet, couldn't reach things at the top of our kitchen storage... typically I'd just climb up on the counter but that's probably not such a good idea these days. I'm lucky to have family close who was willing to come help me on a whim with my little chores while Spencer was enjoying freezing weather in Canada.

My 32 week doctor's appointment went well & I've been feeling great. I even had time and put forth some effort in curling my hair. My midwife says my blood pressure is great, baby's heartbeat is stronger than ever and he even kicked and rolled around while she was feeling my belly. He's an active little dude and he gets it from his dad. After my appointment my mom told me I looked miserable. Ha ha! I guess I look bigger than I feel? Who knows.
I got my flat tire fixed & went with a friend to dinner and drove by the townhome to show her how cute I think it is, not that we could go inside or anything. We walked around the back and discovered the fence was open, the weeds were waist high, the kitchen window was busted out and the screen was removed and laying in the weeds. We have been going back and forth with the owners, our real estate agent and mortgage company on this townhome since March. It's not even ours yet, and might not be but we're hoping for the best. We haven't even signed papers yet but I already felt so violated and creeped out knowing that someone has been breaking in through the kitchen window. Peeved.
I spent other nights cleaning out cupboards getting ready to move, *hopefully*
catching up on laundry, going to Swig with my girl Haley, getting snow cones with my girl Leah & napped lots. I didn't want to go to my birthing class by myself since it is a couple's class after all. Thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends who are willing to go and support me as my life partner and sister-wife.
In the mean time Spencer was busy..
he sent me pictures while he was at work, pictures of the amazing food he was eating every night, pictures of the black bear they saw, and then this.... to top it off.
are you kidding me?? Dr. Oz is besties with Oprah. OPRAH, people!!
And here's Spencer just casually running into him in the Edmonton Canada Airport.
I was so jealous I almost screamed.
I mean, so cool Spencer, I'm really really happy for you...

My boss Ryan is practically the coolest boss in the world and showed up to work with a shopping bag from Fanzz. He got little baby Mack some new Yankees onesies which I was dying over. How stinkin cute are those?! Spencer isn't a Yankees fan so he didn't love them, but I told him if he can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
That is the golden rule isn't it?
I was so happy to finally have Spencer back at home with me, Winston & my big  baby bump. Spencer was so excited to tell me about his travels and all about his internship. It made my heart so happy to know he made the right choice by taking the internship when it was such a big change. Spencer was such a sweetheart and woke me up Saturday morning to give me breakfast in bed.
Notice the massive amounts of peanut butter on my pancakes. Just the way I like them.
I've most certainly found a keeper, you guys. (my husband, not the pancake mix..)
Although the pancake mix was pretty incredible too.
We spent last weekend together and this week together has already gone by so quickly. Spencer will be headed back to Canada on Monday for the week so I'm sure I'll be watching movies, lounging, and eating boxes of otter pops with Winston.


  1. I think the golden rule is actually "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or something like that, but yours works too! I'm sure all will work out with the townhome situation! Glad everything else is going smoothly for you!

  2. You look so adorable! I love your baby bump. And I hope everything works out with the townhouse :(

  3. ps. i am in love with you (in the healthy kind of way) - you are so stinking cute! Your other half was about 4 hours away from me when he was in ND. When will I get to be that close to you?! Also.....Dr. Oz works out of a hospital in Iowa (as his normal Doc gig) - my sister sees him all the time and says its so weird because people just go about their daily business when they see him!

  4. sounds like a busy week! hope everything works out with the town home!


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