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Friday, October 3, 2014

Mackson is 2 Months Old

My Baby is 2 months old as of yesterday... is this freaking real life? 
I can't believe how fast time has gone.. and I could cry when I realize how soon I'll be going back to work. Boo! 

Mackson is such a good boy! This past week he discovered his tongue and sticks it out lots. 

He eats every 3 hours on THE. DOT. 

He's been sleeping around 8-9 hours at night! {which makes me feel like a new woman!} he hates nap time right now.. Hopefully that phase doesn't last long. 

He wakes up SO happy and loves being held by mom. 

In the mornings after he eats he likes to be in his swing in the kitchen to watch bunny winston hop around. 

He decided he loves bath time and I might soon regret teaching him how to splash water everywhere. 

He loves to coo and squeak and sigh. He tries hard to laugh but it comes out more like a big deep squeaky breath. He will get it down soon enough. 

He likes to suck on his fingers which now makes for lots of slobbery onesies! 

Today he has his 2 month check up and cried the whole time. He weighs in at a whopping {haha} 8 lbs 13 oz which puts him in the 3rd percentile. 

He is now 22 inches long and in the 26tg percentile. Tiny baby! 

He hated his shots {who doesn't hate shots..} and has been sleepy and cuddly ever since his appointment. 

We love this ITTY bitty baby so much and can't believe how fast time is flying by! 



  1. He is so teeny tiny and absoloutely adorable! I love reading your updates on this little guy!

  2. he is seriously one of the cutest babies i have ever seen. not even exaggerating. and you look amazing!!

  3. 8 lbs?! soooo itty bitty! Grayson is so chubby at 11.5 lbs at 6 weeks. he's going tp be like 15 lbs at his 2 month appointment haha. Mack is so adorable though.

  4. omygosh that tongue!!! Way too cute


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