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Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday

Lately I've had a full-blown love for dressing up graphic tees. I found this J'ADORE tee at Old Navy & had to have it-I love the structured black & white.
When it comes down to it, I will pick jeans over pretty much anything
(unless Lululemon Wunder Unders are one of my options.)
I took it upon myself to make the executive decision that Friday's are casual Friday's at work. No one approved this, but no one has told me not to either. HA!
Today's "Casual Friday" look includes my favorite pair of skinnies, a graphic tee, open half-blazer jacket, my favorite statement necklace and vampy red lipstick.


Graphic Tee: Old Navy *On Sale!*
Half Blazer Jacket: Bohme
Skinnies: American Eagle
Statement Necklace: Bohme (similar HERE)
Lipstick: Tannin by BITE


  1. Did you really just have a baby you look so skinny!

    1. okay you're the sweetest. Thank you thank you!!!!

  2. You look absolutely fantastic my dear! I look forward to your posts all the time. Often, I forget the United States have such short MAT Leaves, in Canada it is custom to take a full year. It is fantastic to see your strength while you return to work. Love following you girl!

    1. isn't that horrible? I'd almost consider moving to Canada just for the maternity leave benefits! I had 12 weeks off which is more than most people get at just 8 weeks. I used all of my vacation/sick/FMLA hours to be able to stay home for 12. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! XOXO


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