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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In my last post I had mentioned us meeting with a few different agents this week. Our travel agent was AWESOME and got us hooked up with a sweet 5 day vacation to Puerto Rico for our Honeymoon!! We are so SO excited! Our hotel looks like a dream from the pictures. I cannot wait for some serious sunshine. Here is a picture I found online taken from our hotel:


Yesterday we also met with a financial planner to look into some options for us possibly buying a home. That went EXTREMELY well, and we can't wait to start looking at more options!
After we met with our financial planner we headed over to Wheeler Farm to make a payment for the wedding and Spencer saw the venue for the first time. I honestly fall more in love with that place every time I go. When we were leaving we passed what seemed to be like 100 ducks/swans/geese making all sorts of noise, which made me laugh. We talked about how much we would love to take Hazel and CC Spencer's neices there to see all of the fun animals including the cutest mini pony I've EVER seen!
We will be back at Wheeler Farm for our WEDDING in just 65 Days!

Spencer left to go back to work last night which seriously exhausts me. I woke up this morning in the same position I fell asleep- I didn't BUDGE all night. I feel emotionally drained every time he leaves to go back to work. As much as his crazy work schedule is routine, I'm still not used to it. Our one week together ever two weeks is so crammed with family, tasks that need to be done, dr. appointments, church activities and this past week with wedding plans especially, our week together goes by way too quickly.

Since it's Wednesday, here's my quote for "WORDS I LOVE"

"To better hear the world outside, listen faithfully to the voice inside."
-Quaker  Proverb

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