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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was a lot of fun, not to mention we got SO much wedding stuff accomplished which makes me happy. I've started telling Spencer, "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" Which I think is pretty hilarious. I'm sure he thinks he's doomed.

On Saturday we went to Target to register and the nice old lady at the counter gives SPENCER the scanner. Lovely. Literally the first thing he scanned was a pack of Pokemon cards, which I was totally unaware of his newfound Pokemon obsession that he doesn't really have. I about had a heart attack which resulted in him deleting that from our giant hand-held scanner that he dropped probably more than once. We were walking towards the back of the store when I lost Spencer down one of the toy aisles. When I found him again he was grinning ear to ear and was obviously very pleased with himself. Apparently he registered for the Barbie I Can Be a Bride Set. Which will look like I scanned the item, when I did NOT. Hopefully those who print off the Registry know better, unless your name is Haley Mears, and think I really registered for such a wedding gift. After about an hour and a half of registering and 3 scanners later, we were FINISHED!

We went to dinner with Josh and Kierst Saturday night and went to Wingnutz. SO DELICIOUS. I have a feeling that will be a new favorite hot spot. I saw Kiersten wear lipstick for the first time which I was loving. Josh and Spencer not so much but what do they know? Wingnutz also had a sign inside that said "Celestial Wings for Telestial People" Which I also found to be hilarious.

Spencer found a trendy suit that he ended up buying which is another big item checked off the wedding to do list. While we were at Gateway we also figured out his ring size, and he gave me a good idea of what type of ring he wants. Check!
Invitations were ordered this weekend and I didn't have any awful wedding dreams last night. If I knew ordering invites would have been the trick I would have done that weeks ago.

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to learn more. I took the opportunity to learn how to curl my hair now that it is long enough to (yay!) I finally feel like I'm becoming a master at the no-clamp curling iron..

Today Spencer is calling a Travel Agent my dad knows for hopefully some awesome honemoon pointers. Kepp your fingers crossed. I will also be calling a Real Estate Agent in my family to talk about possibly buying a home, and our options for that. I'd probably pee my pants if that really ends up happening! Today I start my first treatment for laser hair removal! TMI? I think not.
 Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. You'll LOVE laser hair removal! Though it's a pain it isn't instant gratification. I'm glad to hear Wingnutz is good, I've been wanting to try them out!

  2. look at the model shot of me eating that wing! that should be in a magazine!

  3. Welp I know EXACTLY what I'm getting you now ;) ps love your hair! Glad you had a good weekend Barbie doll!! Love you!

  4. Spencer actually did have a thing for Pokemon when he was a kid. Too bad he never got over it.

  5. Laser was definitely one of the best things I've ever done:) I did it before I got married too! SOOOO worth it!


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