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Friday, January 13, 2012

He's a Genius..

This man, ladies and gentlemen, is a GENIUS.

His name is Leandro Carvalho and he's behind the Brazil Butt Lift. ...get it? behind..?
 He also trains the Victoria's Secret models. Which gives him some major credit in my book..
Those of you who know my sister Natalie, know that she is ALL ABOUT the infomercials on TV. We came across this little gem watching infomercials one after the other..
the BRAZIL BUTT LIFT WORKOUT DVD! We knew we had to have it. Usually I'm not a sucker for "as seen on TV" items although I love the commercials. This DVD is a real winner. Honestly.
The first workout is 30 minutes, and my out-of-shape self made it through the first 15 minutes last night before I thought I was going to die. Pathetic? Maybe.

All I know, is that 15 minutes was PLENTY, since I can hardly walk today. I'm going to be as stiff as a board after sitting at my desk all day today at work.
FYI: I bought my treasured DVD at which was cheaper than the TV deal.
Infomercial away people..


  1. haha I need a good butt toning video, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice! I will keep a close eye on your butt to see how well it works.


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