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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Wednesday Words I Love:
 "I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon!"
-Ellen DeGeneres
..Boy, isn't THAT the truth!?

This week I've had Spring FEVER so BAD!! I think it's a combination of being over the cold weather, having swimming suits and new spring clothes popping up in stores, and having a 60 Day countdown until sunny weather in PUERTO RICO!! (which means 58 days until I'm a MARRIED WOMAN!!) ..which ALSO means I've got 58 Days to whip myself into shape! No one should be out of breath from getting the mail at the bottom of the driveway.
yes, this was me last night..
Today is day 184 without soda. yay for me! So obviously I've been drinking tons of water.

 I noticed a HUGE difference with no soda and my headaches stopped.
Plus I find ridiculous amounts of motivation in this pic of Jennifer Aniston and her Vitamin Water..
I found this blog which listed benefits for drinking Lemon Water. Who doesn't love lemon water!?
I've continued with my Brazil Butt Lift and it feels GOOD! I've been doing at LEAST 100 Crunches/Sit ups before bed too. The core stuff doesn't get to me like the leg/butt workouts thats for sure.

I've also started walking the stairs at work with Kelli. This consists of 6 floors, 24 flights down and back up, and we repeat this twice. A total of 48 flights of stairs. Not TONS for now, but we'll eventually make it to doing three sets before we feel like we're going to pass out.

I found this diagram picture and thought it was pretty good. I will be hanging up in multiple places today for some serious motivation to GET FIT!

If this picture of Carrie Underwood's legs tanned and toned legs aren't inspiration to get fit, I don't know what is!!


  1. One beautiful thing about living in California is that it is always jogging weather..... that is also one of the worst things about it.

  2. TRUE! I just find lots of reasons to run/not to run in Utah- it's breezy, but too cold. Sunny, but too hot. I've got a whole list of excuses..


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