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Friday, January 6, 2012

Productive Day!

I had to put this picture up. I took it yesterday and thought it was awesome..
Yesterday was such a productive day. I love that!
I found an AWESOME new church skirt and all three of my bridesmaid's dresses that I think are PERFECT! I'm really excited to have that checked off the to-do list. Yesterday I went with Spencer to start looking for suits for the wedding. Which we had a good laugh about. Our simple requests were no where to be found, but we'll keep looking. Spencer had an interesting day yesterday as well! After feeling like he should go to Taco Bell (..he's not a HUGE fan..) He ran into his uncle he hasn't seen for YEARS. Spencer was so excited about it and thought that it was a neat experience.

As most of my friends know, I have Birthday Month or Birthday WEEK- but Spencer isn't a huge fan of Birthdays. So. Rather than a birthday WEEK he's getting a pretty sweet Birthday Party tonight! My plan was to wait until he went to bed last night and set everything up while he was asleep so he had a whole Birthday house to wake up to. The night before his birthday WOULD be the night he stayed up past 3 AM. So I went to bed and on to PLAN B.

Since I know he reads this often, I can't post anything about his birthday quite yet, or he would probably avoid me the rest of the day if he knew all of my plans. All of the awesome pictures will be posted tomorrow!


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  1. Hey Happy Birthday to the puppy boy Spencer. I love you and I am so excited to have Mikell for a sister!


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