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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday Bash!

Friday was Spencer's Birthday and we had a blast! I told him he didnt have an option on a themed birthday party and that he had to pick one. His options were: zoo animals, spiderman, pirates, cowboys or green lantern. He picked the cowboy themed party (of course..) probably thinking I wouldnt do anything. WRONG. There were streamers, ballons, wanted posters, plastic spurs for our boots, cowboy hats, mustaches, guns and holsters, pony party invitations and good food. We ate dinner at Thymes and Seasons which was a plus since they are known for their 100+ Gluten Free menu items! Spencer got a chocolate double layer birthday cake with cream cheese frosting which was also gluten free, and the whole family loved it. Usually birthday cake lasts a while at our house and it was gone in a day. The mustaches and cowboy hats were a huge hit, and yes, we wore them to dinner. I think it was a very succesful birthday this year, and cannot WAIT for more to come.
Once Spencer is used to the "huge Birthday" idea- ya'll will be invited!
This is us. At dinner. Dressed up.
We all sported our awesome cowboy hats, showed off our sweet guns/holsters (notice mine is pink) and shared a Birthday kiss for the second year in a row!
Party Decorations!
Spencer's Birthday Cake- GLUTEN FREE!


  1. You didn't kiss with the mustaches on?!?!?! That would have been WAY more romantic for the birthday kiss!

  2. The cake looks delicious! Great job on the birthday party! I wish you had kissed with your moustaches on... Hazel and CC said to say you forgot to invite them to the party.


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