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Friday, February 17, 2012

The BIRTHDAY girl!


Today's post is recognizing one of the most awesome girls I know. I've known Kierst since 7th grade, and we did NOT like each other. BUT. We quickly became best of friends. We've had SO many fun adventures together that I wouldn't trade for anything..

INCLUDING: driving to ridiculous places to do ridiculous things, spending hours on end in the sun, creating a "summer mix cd", driving around in my car with the top down no matter what month it was- (this includes getting drive through ice cream cones in the snow..), pancake runs at 4:00 am, multiple (illegal) activities, taco time runs, going to First Night New Years Eve celebrations every year, skipping class together, creating our own dance videos, chalking people's driveways, dollar chicken sandwiches and chocolate scoops from Carl's Jr., multiple trips to the zoo-(where we picked up our nicknames "mookie" and "tino") me cutting or coloring kiersten's hair and sneaking into neighbors pools. Fully clothed I might add. Literally. With jeans on..

..Hangin out at home, long nights at First Night...

Drivin (probably to get food) and hanging out at the pool!

..finally graduation day rolled around..

...We have even dressed up stupid Katie the cat...

Kiki had THE CUTEST preg belly I have ever seen!
(And now has the CUTEST baby..)

..We've gone to Utes Football games together..

This is us after she and Josh got sealed! (YAAA!)

We rang in the new year 2012 with some party hats and crazy dancing..

To say the least we've had some good times together. I'm so happy our "husbands" are best friends because it guarantees double dates EVERY time Spencer is in town and I love our date nights. Kiki I'm so glad we're friends and I'm also glad we have an online support system together while we're at work! haha
 I hope you have the BEST birthday and the perfect day today! I can't wait for our plans tonight (and for you to open your present!) Thanks for always being a good support, a good friend, a good shopping partner and a GOOD TIME! I Love ya so so much! (and thanks for rockin' the lipstick with me!!)

I'd say after 11 years of being friends and causing more trouble than necessary, we've turned out pretty alright <3


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  1. oh mikell this is awesome i almost cried reading this no joke! thank you so much love you and all of our memories!


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