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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


That's right ladies and gentlemen. This week with Spencer was our LAST week together as an "un-married" couple. The next time he'll be back in town, will be the week of the wedding. SO CRAZY!
More now than ever, I've been thankful for my obsessive organizing skills. Planning the wedding has been a BREEZE and totally NOT stressful- just the way it should be.

This week together we were able to:
1. Watch the Bachelor together. (Spencer is the best sport EVER!)
2. Celebrate Valentine's day together- TOTAL SURPRISE!
3. Go on a date to the Natural History Museum. Super cool place.
4. Get our Marriage License and send off wedding invitations! We also figured out details on dinner, a head count for the reception & got Spencer's suit tailored!
5. Spencer had surgery and we were all entertained by the video my dad took of him waking up at the hospital. Good times!
6. Spent time with Josh, Kiersten and Tyler B. for Kiki's Birthday! Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!
7. I found the PERFECT Dresses for our Rehearsal dinner and the Temple!
8. We ate Costa Vida and Visited Papa at the care center
9. Went on a Double Date with my parents and ate dinner at Wingers
10. Went to church together and watched the Walking Dead!
11. Slept in and went out to breakfast with the family
12. Visited Sherry, Nate and the kids in Provo. We attempted to make homemade lotion (we're going to perfect the recipe!) And we ate at the Awful Waffle. Delish!
13. Spencer was an AWESOME sport again last night, and watched the FULL two hours of The Bachelor with me after we ate Orange Leaf with Josh and Kiersten!

To say the least, our week was PACKED. We had so much fun though with our friends and family and we accomplished a whole list of to-do items! As much as I hate it when Spencer leaves to go back to work, I have something MAJOR to look forward to when he is back in 2 weeks! Married in just 24 Days!

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