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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Words I Love

"Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown it becomes the strongest relationship."

Meet Fatalie..
This is Natalie, aka Fatalie. Some of her interests are dinosaurs, dead animals on the side of the road, taxidermy, hairless animals, llamas, belching, diet coke at 6 AM, deep fried cheese, large sausage links, saying "that's what she said" jokes (and she's really good at them.), free-style rapping, insisting she WILL marry Lil Wayne, singing, acting, being a good friend and being a perfectionist at being a complete weirdo. (See pictures above)

The quote about sisters describes us PERFECTLY. We've always gotten along, but I won't deny the countless fights over who left the bathroom dirty, who used my shampoo, who broke the chi flat iron, us stealing each other's clothes- which finally resulted in my parents putting a lock WITH a key on my bedroom door. (We both learned early on in life how to pick a lock from our older brother..) There was a period of time I would find my clothes worn and usually dirty balled up and jammed into various hiding places she never though I'd find: under beds, couch cushions, backs of closets, in between mattresses etc. We've yelled, called names, pulled hair, hit, spit, tackled, spanked, pinched and bruised each other. She's vicious.

Almost every time we would go out to eat with the family, it would result in one or both of us having to go sit in the car. We made an awesome team. She'd belch in public and I'd laugh. She'd say some smarty-pants comment to my parents, and I'd laugh. Oh the memories we have together at Lone Star, Lorenas and Robintinos where together we've pushed our parents over the edge. One time driving home we were fighting in the back of the car when my dad finally pulled the car into the driveway. I hit her and quickly jumped out of the car in fear of Fatalie while the car was still moving. Only then did I realize she was full on running after me just steps behind. I opened the door to the house thinking I was safe when I was suddenly tackled to the floor and beaten. Never again did I dare taunt her again, unless I'm already in a locked bedroom, bathroom, car.. you get the point.

I have never wanted to pinch someone so much, and I also couldn't love her more than I already do. The memories we have together are priceless. For every one fight we've had, there are two hilarious stories to match. As we've grown up together we have learned that not only are we sisters, but we are true best friends.
 My sister forever, Always my friend.

Fatalie has proven to be a real star. Every challenge she has ever had she goes above and beyond to complete. She's the lead as Rizzo in her school play Grease, a student body officer, a straight A student, a fashionista, an amazing singer, a complete tender heart, and the most beautiful girl on the inside and out. Her red hair is her trademark. She wears a sombrero or combat boots and pulls it off like you've never seen!

Fatalie got accepted to BYU-Hawaii on Sunday and I want her to know how proud I am of her. This last week has been an emotional one for me without her knowing. The day she told me she was sending her acceptance letter I laid in bed that night and cried. I cried because I'm so happy for her and I'm so happy she's my sister. BUT. I also realized the little 4 year old red-afro head that has the dino band-aids on her knees is all grown up. I can't imagine life without my sister down the hall, in the other room or down the street at school. Hopefully my sibling living in Hawaii will result in many tropical vacations for me and Spencer in the future..

Fatalie you are the best sister a girl could ask for. I feel bad for everyone else in this world that doesn't know you the way I know you. I'm so glad we can be happy together, cry together, and always make fun of mom's laugh. I'm happy you're someone I can lean on and trust. Thank you for being so incredible and awesome. I love having someone I'm so proud to show off to everyone. I'm so proud of you for keeping your grades up and making good decisions regardless of the circumstance you're in. You'll always be the best Nordstrom shopping partner and for that I am forever grateful. There's no one else I'd rather laugh about stupid things with, and your random ugly face pictures I get from you make my day. Just remember how much I love you and how no matter HOW old we get, you'll always be my "big" sis, and my tootie!! <3


  1. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing Kel. I'm crying as I'm reading. I can relate to basically every word. It's an interesting relationship we share with little sisters than no one can understand that doesn't have one. Love you both and can't believe how grown up the two of you are.
    Love you!

  2. Love you Essie!
    Thanks for reading you're sweet. A sister is a special thing. I'd say person, but mine is more of a thing :) haha just kidding. Love you so much!


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