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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

being sick.

I hate being sick. More than anything. I hate feeling helpless and bedridden. This past week I had the flu for 4 LONG days- It was miserable to say the least. But I do love my mom checking on me often, rubbing down my aches and pains, bringing me sippy cups of Gatorade (that's right people I said sippy cups..) and being the BEST mom I could ever ask for.
At least I had good company..

This weekend I had the chance to go see my sister Natalie also known as Fatalie in her school play GREASE. She is a lead as Rizzo and KILLS it EVERYTIME!
(A Special post about her soon to come..)

..It's funny after 18 years of being sisters no one EVER thinks we look alike, until this picture. Apparently it takes a black wig and some lipstick for us to look related..

 Kiersten came with me to the play which meant we got to re-live our high school memories together. OOh so SO much fun..

My goal for February is to eat healthy.
No fast food, nothing fried and zero sweets, including: ANY candy or bakery items. Cupcakes are my weakness but I'm going strong on day 7! Ever since I was sick I've been craving fruits and veggies which is a good thing. Yesterday my lunch consisted of celery sticks, carrots, olives, grapefruit, yogurt and water and it HIT THE SPOT! It tasted so good to me. If I find any great healthy recipies on my February journey I'll be sure to post them!

Yesterday I had my hair appointment since I had to cancel it last week thanks to the flu. I had to cancel my Bridal pictures also but rescheduled them for this Saturday!
Pray for nice weather!
Bye Bye Ombre hair, you were fun while you lasted.
My blonde hair made me so excited for sunny warm weather!
 I've got only 38 DAYS until I'm a married woman and hanging out on the beach with my HUSBAND. Nutso.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm excited to be back and blogging!

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  1. Mikell I sure hope you remember me!! :) Other wise I'm just this weird blog stalker girl that remembers you...
    anywho.. So excited for you to get married! So fun to look at all your fun pics too!! You are so cute!!


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