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Monday, April 2, 2012

Awesome Video!

(I took this picture of my mom's apricot tree before it snowed..)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Conference weekend, I love you!!
-Went to Spencer's Missionary Reunion with Josh and Kiki
-Stopped by for a quick looky at City Creek- MUST GO BACK SOON!
-Slept in Saturday morning
-Got all of our kitchen stuff put AWAY! soo nice..
-Made Breakfast together
-Spencer surprised me and made me a delicious lunch! Fajita PRO!
-Spencer went to Priesthood session, I went to Pier one
-Purchased the headboard I've been DYING to have
-Purchased our first vacuum.
-Purchased a swiffer mopper. I'm so excited about this.. 
-Ate Lorenas with my family
-Watched Conference
-Ate dinner with my family.

This was a beautiful weekend.
..p.s. what was up with the weather..??

If any of you didn't watch in-between conference sessions
(I usually do not..)
You missed out on such an amazing video!
I've posted it below so you can watch it, many of us were in tears.
See the video Dayton's Legs here!

If this doesn't start your Monday off right, I don't know what will 

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  1. Just watched Daytons legs, phew, I was balling. How do you make kids kind like that? I need to know! What a beautiful and moving video!


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