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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter came early..

A portion of Easter came just a little early for Hazel and Claire this year!
Last week when we were shopping for our apartment we found the cutest Easter baskets that had Hazel and Claire written all over them.

Since Spencer leaves today to go back to work (boo..) We took the girls their Easter baskets a week early! Spencer was so cute in telling them we asked the Easter Bunny to visit them early while we were there, and hid their baskets in the yard.

Claire was looking under her swings on the swing set as Hazel started digging in the sandbox to find hers. We had a good laugh watching them and finally had to play "hot or cold" to help them out. Claire was BEAMING when she found hers, and Hazel looked super upset- blank look on her face, which we've come to learn is her excited face! 
They loved their Easter baskets!!

Spencer takin a baby during the hunt for the Easter Baskets!

These pictures describe these girls PERFECTLY.
Claire using her pink Easter basket as a purse, and Hazel all geared up in her pirate accessories.

Claire showing us her princess rings and hair dryer

Pirate Hazel with Quinn in the background

Pirate baby Quinny Quinn and her cute little chubby fingers

Hanging out with Quinn and Claire

We went with Sherry, Nate and the kids in the limo to McDonald's. Nate drove like a pro and navigated the limo through the drive-through.
 Not joking.
Hazel and Claire took a Happy Meal to a little boy in their neighborhood that got hit by a car and has been a little down. I'm sure he loved their visit!

We finished our visit with gluten free pizza from Malawi's Pizza- Their dessert pizza is heaven.
We're so glad we were able to visit before Spencer leaves for work, and can't wait to visit again when he's back!

My love for these kids is unreal!
I have the best nieces and nephews in the WORLD!

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  1. Mikell it is the best when you guys visit! Hope you are doing alright w/o your man. Don't let the booty man get Yahoo. Ill send Hazel to protect you!


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