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Monday, April 30, 2012

Totally Overrated.

This weekend I was having a "nice quiet night in" and decided that it totally sucked. Whoever said the "nice quiet night in" is nice, doesn't know that it's totally overrated.
 I was so excited all week that I DIDN'T have Saturday plans. My no-plan-Saturday turned into complete boredom. Visiting my grandparents not once, but twice, two trips to the craft store, and 4 phone calls to my mom.
I also followed her to the grocery store. LAME.
As I was laying on the couch bored without Spencer home, I came up with my own OVERRATED list. Here it is.

1. Obviously, the quiet night in by myself.
I would much rather be busy, out doing things or have Spencer home. None of the above happened this weekend.

2. Driving.
Yeah, yeah.. having a driver's license is grand. Convenient, whatever. I'd rather have a driver to drive me around all day. Driving is a chore. 16 year olds, you soak up the new drivers license feeling. Cuz now it sucks.

3. Cooking for 1 person.
Cooking dinner for 1 person sucks. I tried to be all "money cautious" and bought a frozen pizza, it turned out burnt and gross because my oven sucks. Then I'm just mad. About my pizza, and that I'm cooking for one person.

4. Growing Up.
Here's the thing. When you're little all you want is to be grown up. Growing up comes with perks, sure- But what the heck happened to playing barbies all day long, playing on the swing set and playing dress up? Growing up has definitely brought me some of the greatest joys of my life. Paying bills, paying rent and having a job are not any of those joys.

5. New Cars.
Sure you're proud of your new shiny car. I bet you love that hefty car payment every month too don't you? I'll stick with my '01 with dents and scratches. I like to think of them as character traits.

6. Staying Up Late.
Staying up late was ALWAYS something I wanted to do growing up. High School were the DAYS of staying up and going out late. I'm talking staying up until 2 or 3 am watching music videos with friends, and then waking up at 4:30-5:00am to go to work- and being TOTALLY FINE. Now 9:30 pm rolls around and I'm counting down the minutes until I can go to bed. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

7. Salads for Dinner.
Salads for dinner, trying to be all healthy. No thanks. If I have a salad, you bet it's a side to a cheeseburger and fries, maybe sloppy joes. If I ate a salad for dinner, I'd be starving within an hour- then I load up on carbs, chocolate covered cadburry eggs and potato chips. Then the purpose of eating a salad for dinner goes down the drain. I'll stick to a normal dinner yo.

8. Beyonce.
Most Beautiful woman alive?? Really people?? I could list PLENTY of beautiful people without even considering putting Beyonce on my list. Just because you're married to Jay Z doesn't give you much credit. Nor does the fact you just had a baby and named the poor thing Ivy Blue. Then the rumors swirl about you wanting to Copyright the name? Sorry honey, no one likes the name Ivy Blue. You can keep it.

...I've vented...

These are the top 8 things I could come up with from the top of my head.
What are some things YOU think are totally overrated?


  1. i like eating the cadbury eggs idea!

  2. ...I love Beyonce...just sayin ;)
    Overrated: dusting. it's like a daily thing!
    Buying groceries...eating out is so fun! haha, and pricey :)


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