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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy & Thankful

This week has been a good one!
I've had so many reasons to be happy & thankful.

This morning I walked outside and it smelled just like summer. DELICIOUS.
I'm so happy it's been warming up outside.

I'm so happy to have Spencer home this week.
These last two weeks were brutal with him gone.

I'm so happy for the friends we have and cannot WAIT to spend time with them this weekend. BBQ'n it up!

I'm so thankful for our families and how awesome they are.
Yesterday we went to Sherry's to visit and I heard three babies making noises in their room. Spencer opened the door and three babies LIT UP. Cute baby Quinn held her arms out for me to pick her up and it made my day to think my 1 year old neices and nephews are recognizing aunt Mikell.
..OOOR on the other hand they were just happy for ANYONE to rescue them from their cribs.. that's probably more like it.

I'm so happy that my Farmer's Market stuff is coming together..
......keep in touch to see more about this.....

I'm thankful for spring and new life! This means all babies & baby animals  :)
There's the sweetest little birds nest at my moms house. First there was one egg in her next, the next day two eggs, the day after three eggs. It's absolutely made my day watching this tender little nest grow!

I'm thankful for a supportive husband
 ..that does whatever I want, really..
He's always so quick to help me with my little projects, or surprise me with treats.. he's honestly the greatest.

Within the last month I was told I needed to have a lumpectomy- for the second time, and my mom got a phone call a little less than a week later saying her mammogram was not good.
This is in the same month my brother was told me has melanoma cancer and it has more than likely spread to his lymph nodes. It has been a stressful time waiting for his multiple doctor appointments, surgeries and test results. This required a large chunk of the surrounding area being cut out and a surgery to remove his lymph nodes below his arm. At this point it was waiting to hear which treatments he needed to go forward with.
Three days ago Jeff received good news and doesn't need to do anything else but go back in two weeks to have his stitches taken out.
Safe and healthy. No treatments.

Somehow all of us are healthy. With three cancer scares in the family, Jeff's being much more scary, we are all cancer-free and happy to be well.
p.s. If you know Jeff ask to see his battle wounds. SOO GNARLY!!

Needless to say I have so much to be happy and thankful for.
Take a few minutes today to be happy for what you have!
And don't forget to be super stoked on the fact it's FRIDAY!


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