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Monday, May 14, 2012


Meet my two Mothers..

My lovely Mama
and my lovely Pink Grandma.

These two women are the most influential ladies in my life.

My sweet mom is someone who can't say no. She's always the first person to volunteer to help with neighbors moving, bridal showers, wedding reception decor, cook meals for a new mom, call to check on a neighbor that just had surgery.... she's a Saint.

My sweet Mom loves to cook, garden and make her yard look beautiful year round. She has a love for the birds and takes good care of them. When she sees mama birds searing for findings to make a nest, she will sneakily scatter little pieces of twine and thread to make their lives just a little easier. Feeding the Quail is a daily routine and they know my mother. They will scurry as she runs out to fill their ground feeder, and quickly come right back to get a full belly meal.

My Pink Gma is the exact same way.
Cooking meals for funerals/weddings/any get-together really..
volunteering to make her famous chocolate cake for large get togethers and birthdays, Babysitting neighbor kids, packaging small m&m's in baggies for neighbor kids, helping neighbors with their plants and gardens and an even bigger task- babysitting my grandpa :) For this, she will be the first in the Celestial kingdom I'm sure of it.
Bless her heart.

My mom and grandma taught me at a very young age how to read.
Jack and Jane, Pound Puppies and Are You My Mother? will forever be my favorite children's books. I grew up with my own room at pink gma's house complete with a bunk bed and movie night sleepovers. Mint foot rubs and buttery pop corn, rocking me on the back porch with a blanket singing "by the light of the silvery moon.." Bubble Baths and tub toys, mini Tupperware tea parties and the turtle sprinkler in the backyard. Grandma used to drive down to moving companies and get the largest cardboard boxes they had. She would cut out windows, and give us markers to make our own houses to play in. My love for sloppy Joe's and celery sticks came from lunch at pink gmas house.
My grandma would do ANYTHING for her grandchildren.

My mom has a way of making all of us kids feel like we are the most important. I'll find little surprises which end up being my treasures, notes and little gifts alllll the time from my mom. She is the most thoughtful person I know.
These two women have taught me some of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned.
How to love, how to care, how to value life and the important relationships around me. How to cook, how to clean, how to deal with my Papa..
Grandma has a quote on her back door that says, "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice." I can't count the number of times this has been a reminder to be kind.

Some of my best times, and some of my worst times have been with these two.
But regardless of my tough times or trials, they have loved me unconditionally.
When I've found myself having tough days, I'll end up with either Mom or Pink Grandma. There is NOTHING they can't fix. Grandma will still rock me at 22 years old and sing to me. You should have seen the look on Grandpa's face when he walked in on Grandma rocking me, the front of her shirt soaked from me sobbing.
hahah "oooh my hellll..."

These two ladies love Spencer SO much, and they were both so excited to have Spencer here for Mother's Day. Grandma read the card we found for her, cried, and let her know how special it was to her to have Spencer's signature on the card next to mine.

Needless to say, I have two perfect examples of how I want to be when I grow up.
How I want to be as a Mom and a Grandma.
I love my sweet Ladies.


  1. ❤ two of the greatest people I know! P.s. love the quote from Grandpa when he saw you being rocked, I can actually hear his voice :)

    1. haha papa shaking his head.. walking down the hall with his cane.. perfect.

  2. Haven't met your Grandma, but I'm sure she's as sweet as your Mother! They also have a sweet daughter/grand daughter...

    1. Cindy you are so sweet Thank you!! I'm blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life!


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