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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Utah Bride Blog!

If ya'll know what the Utah Bride Blog is, here in Utah it's kind of a big deal in the wedding industry.

Last fall I attended Women in Weddings with Kelli Dunkley from Blooms and Blossoms and met so many awesome women in the industry.
 It was then we decided we were BOTH going to work hard to try to get our upcoming weddings featured with the UBB.

Kelli's wedding was gorgeous and without a doubt got featured.
Hours of gluing pearls to candle votives, lace to napkins and putting together many flower arrangements with beautiful hanging crystals paid off.

We spent SO MUCH TIME with my wedding seeing as almost everything was DIY. Kelli and I "Hunted and Gathered" for months to find the perfect twigs to glue to candle votives. Months, hours, and millions of glue sticks later, my vision of twig candle votives came together exactly. how. I. wanted. it.

I am SO excited to say we found out last week that..
They will be featuring Kelli and the AWESOME flowers she did for my wedding.
She sat down to write a small article on which flowers she used and why.
This Blog post is a HUGE special thanks to Kelli with Blooms and Blossoms for helping me out and working so hard to try to get my wedding featured.
I've tried so hard not to post any wedding pictures on facebook to get them featured on the UBB. Thank you SO MUCH Kelli for all of your hard work to make this happen. Your hours and hours of re-sizing pictures paid off quickly and certainly made me one happy Bride!

I'm so excited to have my wedding featured on Kelli's FLOWER FRIDAY!

Check back on Friday and I'll post the link to the feature!


  1. Congratulations to you both! What a great accomplishment. Your hard work didn't go unnoticed, as your wedding and Kelli's flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Utah Bride Blog-Woot!

  2. celeb status! WAHOOOO!!!!!! :)

  3. Thanks Becky! You slaved over my wedding just as much as anyone did with gluing my candle votives, being covered in glitter spray, helping load my car, helping with flowers- you were my awesome go-to girl! Thank you so much!!

    Hailey you crack me up! Not quite- Kelli the girl that did my flowers is going celeb status!!


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