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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Neices

I don't know about your nieces, but mine are AWESOME!
Hazel and Claire are TOTAL opposites.
Hazel is loud, Claire is soft spoken.
Hazel likes pirates, Claire likes anything girly. get the point..

One of my favorite things is going to Provo to play with these little munchkins.
It's usually reading to them and playing multiple rounds of hide and seek with Uncle Spencer. Once we attempted to play Candy Land but it didn't go so well.
Seeing as that's one of my favorite games, we'll try again soon..
 ..I love these girls..

This last time we went to visit the girls had a new book about a dragon. Claire told me she could make the best dragon sound. Then Hazel tried to one up her.

..This is how the conversation turned out..

Like I said,


  1. I am totally embarrassed for my girls (and their ridiculous dragon sounds), but so glad that they love you enough to show you their real selves. Thank you for loving us. I can't wait to show the girls after naps. They will be thrilled you wrote about them!

  2. They are just the sweetest things ever! That video literally made my day! ;)



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