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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Fresh Start

Yesterday was Spencer's LAST DAY at Halliburton!!This, ladies and gentlemen.. was a happy day.

It's been a rough routine with a 2:1 work schedule.
My husband being gone for two weeks at a time, home for a week.. SUCKED.
With his decision over a year ago to start working for Halliburton, we both decided it would be so good for us. Give us some space, and let us figure things out through a challenge.
We def know how to handle a challenge together.

As newleyweds though, this work arragement was less than appealing.
Being at home by myself has had it's pros and cons, but nothing is better than being home together.

I feel like we have a Fresh Start!
A new life together, new jobs, a new ward.. (which I totally have mixed feelings on..)

To say the least,
I'm excited for a new adventure.

Spencer I'm so proud of you.
I love you more than anyone!

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  1. Yay~ now you guys can be poor like the rest of the newly weds. We would hate for you to miss this opportunity.


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