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Friday, July 6, 2012

I've been MIA!

I've felt so MIA in the blogging world lately.
With Spencer being home FULL TIME we've been so busy! I feel like I'm still trying to catch up on so many different things.

Here is an update of life via my iphone...
Got an awesome pair of leopard print pants..
Went to Desert Star Playhouse with Spencer, Jeff and Natalie to see Adam's Family Home Evening.
Went to Magic Mike with Kiersten, and Boating with the whole crew- JnK's Family and of course, little Luke. Who can now point to me when we ask where Aunt Mimi is.
Ate Gourmet Hot Dog on a Stick before seeing Bernie with Jeff and Spencer. Horrible movie if you are wanting to see it I highly recommend you change your mind.
Went with Spencer to Eaglewood Fireworks on July 3rd which is pretty much Bountiful Tradition..
We tried the new BBQ Trailer in Bountiful- I liked it a lot.
This also crossed an item off of our Summer Bucket List!

We went to Oakridge Fireworks on the 4th of July which is Brockbank tradition for an all you can eat dinner and Fireworks. Spencer bought me a new pair of boat shoes to wear to fireworks- what a sweetheart!

There's a quick update on the last two weeks..
We are OFFICIALLY leaving in the morning to go to Seattle to stay with my sister-in-law Natalie and her family- I am SO EXCITED!

Pictures to come when we are home.
Have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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