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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Forever Kind of Love

Last week sitting at my desk I realized I had not seen my "couple friends" in a while.
This was unusual.
My Couple Friends are the sweetest old couple I've ever met in my life. I happen to meet them as two people just passing by at my work a few years ago. We got talking and I immediately felt drawn to them. My love for the elderly had a play in this, I'm sure.
After the first time I met My Couple Friends I immediately called my mom to tell her how much I adored these two people & didn't even know their names.
We actually got to know each other very well over the years. They have been with me through many large ups and downs & offered encouragement and advice. I have seen them thrilled and overjoyed about grandchildren and great grandchildren. I often treat them to lunch and their favorite cookies- white chocolate macadamia nut and snicker doodle.
When my Couple friends found out I was engaged they were both so excited. They immediately fell in love with my fiance whom they had never met, merely because I loved him. They have offered me wonderful marriage advice, and after stories of their life together 60+ years, they are still in love. They still hold hands & they still laugh with each other.
They have a forever kind of love.
My Couple Friends asked to get a wedding invite.
Months down the road, I carefully and lovingly wrote on their envelope...
Dale and Mava Russon.
A few weeks later my sweet sweet Couple Friends Dale and Mava came to visit me in my office. We talked and made a crazy connection.
When they saw my maiden name on their wedding invite, they realized they were my dad's Mission Presidents in California MANY years ago..
This was the first of many too-good-to-be-true connections I've had with the Russon's.
The Russon's were one of the first couples to show up at our wedding reception. Having them there meant more than words could express. They hugged and kissed me and let me know how proud they were of me. Dale and Mava are just like loving grandparents.
I've seen them twice since the wedding which has not been nearly enough.
Last week I had thought about them many, many times. Wondering where they've been. They have so many grandchildren and great grandchildren they must be busy with summer and family activities. Friday afternoon I felt like I should call them and check on them. I looked up their phone number, but decided not to dial.
{Last week sitting at my desk I realized I had not seen my "couple friends" in a while.
This was unusual.}
Yesterday I saw Dale's obituary in the newspaper and sobbed at my desk.
He died on Saturday, the day after I thought I should call... and didn't.
Yesterday I lost an unofficial grandpa. I loved him just like I love my own.
The advice and wise words I heard from sweet Dale mean more to me than ever.
I'm so so sad for his sweet wife Mava and for his family.
At 87 years old, he lived a beautiful fulfilling, happy life.
I'm so thankful for Eternal Families
and for a Forever Kind of Love.


  1. oh my goodness this was the sweetest story. i love this.

    1. I'm glad you liked it.
      I have been such a baby. I think about going to his viewing tonight and it gets me all misty eyed!

  2. Isn't it amazing?? I'm so sorry about your good friend, Dale. But can you IMAGINE what we would do without the gospel? I don't know how people could take it! Thank goodness for eternal families. Thanks for the reminder! Oh, and I would LOVE to swap buttons. I'll put yours on my blog right now!


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