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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Utah State Fair

I know I'm a little late posting about the State Fair since it has been over for more than a week now.. But here are some of the pictures!
State Fair Round 1
We had to try Utah's famous Green Jell-o.
This time it was fried! It was pretty good, but I wouldn't get it again..
Excited & terrified to ride Fair Rides...
Delicious treats and getting to see the piggies!!
Spencer had lacrosse practice and wasn't able to come to the fair for round 2. I went with Jeff and some of his friends.
(totally shocked Jeff rode the mechanical bull!)

I LOVE walking through and seeing the animals!!
I even paid $5.00 to take a picture with this little baby goat!
Best $5.00 I ever spent, really.
We got to see the butter sculpture!
A play on The Hunger Games- it was soo cool!
I love baby animals, burlap sack slides, good treats, rides that don't look too safe, carnies, good friends and new adventures.
State Fair 2013: I'm already looking forward to you!


  1. you should wear a hat everyday. you are stunning in one. what the heck kell?! stop it! (p.s. LOVE THE FAIR!)

    1. oh my gosh hai you are too good to me.
      I bought that hat in texas when we went to visit spencer's parents before we were engaged. It was SO HUMID my hair would not do anything. it was embarassing. Soo.. haha i bought a hat.
      if you see me in a hat you will know I haven't washed my hair.

  2. Oh my heck how fun! I just came acrosss you rblog and am actually REALLY excited to follow you and get to know you better. Did you try Turkey legs at the state fair? That's what we have to do every time! haha!

    Amanda @


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