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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Dressy

Last week when I wrote THIS POST about polka dots- I added a picture of polka dot tights that I absolutely fell in LOVE with.
They were definately on my fall Must-Have list.
I found some (two diff. pairs) that are to die for, so I had to do an outfit post with this pair.
SO EXCITED that Fall=Tights!
P.S. Don't mind my eyelashes, or the lack there of.
When I wrote
THIS POST I should have put on #1 that I'm impatient.
Impatient= me picking off all of my eyelash extensions, which means picking off my eyelashes. So don't judge that it looks like I have none..
Shirt: F21 similar here
Skirt: F21 (a few years old)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson here
tights: eBay here
A mini photo..
We all showed up to church today BASICALLY wearing the same thing!
Great minds think alike!


  1. Love the colors! AND the tights!

  2. you're the cutest!
    i bought some polka dot tights last year except the tights are a pale peach color and the polka dots are too.....and since i'm so pale it just looks like i have bug bites all over my legs when i wear them. haha, good times.

    1. HAHA I just laughed out loud!
      You are so cute. I just got some polka dot tights from nordstrom online that are to die for! You'll have to check them out.
      I'll probably do a blog post on those too, lets be honest..

  3. i LOVE your tights! so cute!


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