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Monday, October 1, 2012


I am SO excited
about today being the FIRST day of October.
I've never really been stoked about fall but I'm loving the beautiful leaves changing, the cooler air in the evenings and the mere fact that boot & scarf season is HERE!
Halloween is in T-30 days, which means Halloween crafts up the wazoo.
Last year my brother and I tried to go to as MANY haunted houses & Ghost Tours as we possibly could. This year, we are going to do even more.
October means scary decorations, gross looking food, yummy caramel apple ciders, crisp leaves in the driveways, sweatshirts, acorns galore, pumpkin pie & hot chocolate at Pink Gma's house, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & Pumpkin carving.
Hello Fall, this year I'm glad you're here!

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