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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend High..

Waking up on Friday, knowing the weekend is SO CLOSE is a good, good feeling.

Saturday was the 1 year day from when we lost a dear family member Jeni.
That sad day a year ago seems like just last week, and also so much longer than that..
Saturday morning I went to the Bountiful temple with family to be as close to Jeni as possible.
It turned out to be a lovely day full of love and accomplishment.

This is when Sunday rolls around.
I've been on a Weekend High, then Sunday night creeps up on me.
This is how my Sunday night goes..
I stay up as late as possible hoping that it means Monday morning just won't come at all..
I finally get exhausted, fall asleep & when my alarm rings at 5:30am I feel like pulling my own hair out.
THIS is when I come down from my Weekend High.
WHY do I dread Monday's SO much? Are they REALLY that awful?
Every Monday morning I feel like Alexander from the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen is not good.
I just looked out my office window and saw this gloomy day.
Kind of strange that it made me feel better. Every once in a while a gloomy day is just nice.
it makes me want to be home with this guy,
Wearing a comfy sweater like this,
Drinking something like this,
With something cuddly like this
(Winston learned how to jump on the couches. You can kind of see the pillow ramp I made for him too- this is so he doesn't bust his little spindle legs jumping off the couch.)

..and THIS on my computer screen..

The above scenario sounds like the perfect day.
Maybe a perfect Monday, if there is such a thing.

Maybe I should start treating myself to something every Monday so I have something to look forward to.
I'll be taking suggestions on what that treat should be.


  1. homemade marshmallows, mmm, we should make them next time you are here.

  2. yes please.
    I'm having Murray withdrawls. I'll figure out a day this week we can come down to see you!

  3. #1 Eyeliner at Sephora, with Beckster.
    #2 Dinner with Beckster
    #3 Dessert with Beckster
    #4 Crafts with Beckster
    #5 Pedicure with Beckster
    #6 At home pedicure with Beckster
    #7 Walk with Beckster
    Wait, are these supposed to be weekly treats for YOU?

    1. #1. Vent with Beckster
      #2. Talk about animal babies with Beckster
      #3. Go to Lorenas with Beckster
      #4. Go to Michael's with Beckster
      #5. Cook something with Beckster
      #6. Go to a movie with Beckster
      .... we have SO much to accomplish!!


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