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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Busy Week

This week was totally crammed and packed with every event we could possibly fit into our schedule! With Spencer working, going to school & Coaching Woods Cross High Lacrosse, we feel busy as is!

I had my usual laser hair removal appointment.
(The numbing process makes my arms fall asleep. I think I'm the only human being in the world that loves that tingling limb sensation.)
Which is one of the reasons I love my hair removal appointments. Other than the obvious.

I met the rest of Spencer's family.
This was totally fun and I loved them all!

We Celebrated 7 months of marriage!
(and the next day we celebrated the year date from when Spencer proposed)
Still obsessed with my flashy left hand bling.
We went to a wedding
We got to go to the Salt Lake Temple for Brad & Tanda's wedding.
Talk about a stunning bride. She had big pretty earrings on that reminded me of a Holiday Barbie. I wanted to steal them.
THIS is when the real fun started. 
Yesterday I had an eye appointment- first one EVER.
I was having some problems with my eyes for about a month straight. They were so bloodshot it looked like I was all hopped up on something good. They started to hurt and I'd wake up and couldn't even look in the mirror.
If you know me at all, you know I hate any sort of doctor's office.
The sterile smell alone makes me sweaty.
I sat in the chair and saw the mirrors in front of me tilted at just the right angle and the ugly striped wallpaper made me feel like I was in a fun house. I thought I might barf.
Thankfully this was put on my face shortly after. I was pretty amused.
The eye doctors and assistants checked my eye pressure, dilated my eyes and checked my googlers out.
My eyes are "much larger than the average adult eyeballs."
Apparently there's "more surface area that is effected by different elements"
The doctor told me to close my eyes and asked if I could see a light shining. It was pretty dang bright. I said yes, and his response was, "haha you aren't supposed to!"
MY EYELIDS don't completely cover the surface area of my eyeballs.
When my eyes were completely dilated I started to get a little claustrophobic. I've never not been able to see something up close and it made me panic about getting old.
I also took a picture  of my dilated pupils to look at later and I felt like Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance Vid.
As you can see from my collage of instagram photos I thought this was quite the event.
I was given a few different eye drops to try, if they don't work they're going to have to give me a prescription for restasis.
Hopefully they work- I like my googlers nice and lubricated.
p.s. I hate the word lubricated.


  1. HOW FUN! you are too cute! Congratulations on the 7 months of marriage. Wahoo! Oh, need to tell me about laser hair removal sometime. Please please please. I have questions! haha.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. congrats on 7 months! me and my husby just made 4 months tuesday! you are tooo funny! hey i sent you another email hope it helped!

  3. Happy 7 months!! Those are some super funny pics. I was just at the eye dr and they have some funky machines!!

  4. I had to use restasis for a while in college. I was having the same types of problems with my eyes and I went to the doctor and turns out -- when I slept at night my eyes didn't close all the way. Weird. My poor roommates! I used it for a few months and then the problem went away! Hope the medicine works for you!!

  5. Ugh, I feel so sick when they make my eyes dilated, I slept for HOURS afterwords.

    I have an eye doctor appointment next week, I hate them.

  6. ok so i think i can help ya out now friendy! i just added a follow gadget on my blog through the google friend connect, see if that will work!

  7. Your about me on the left hand side could have been written about me!! So alike!! New follower!!

  8. new[est] follower. absolutely love your blog and your style. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  9. That is a busy week! The picture of you two under your 7 month of marriage announcement is just too cute! You guys sure make a gorgeous couple!

  10. You are too cute and I laughed at the photo where your eyes were dilated. That's so funny!

    1. haha Thanks Pam! It totally freaked me out!

  11. hahah you are too cute for words........

    love u


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